FreeCell Quest

FreeCell Quest (in the current Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 Humble Bundle) is FreeCell with RPG elements. Each city on the map that you rescue is a hand of FreeCell. You get spells that let you cheat a bit. If you take too long, the cards attack you. Advancement throughout the game is leveling up, adding spells, gaining equipment, and unlocking more free cells. “Explore 533 cities while collecting cards, gold, levels, armor, and spells on your EPIC QUEST OF CARD SORTING!” (Actual game advertisement.)

It does not quite work. The basic gameplay is FreeCell, which is good. The RPG elements do not really add much, and in some cases take away. FreeCell is not the kind of game where you can cheat “a little.” If the cards are dealt properly, there is always a non-cheating solution, which you might break by cheating. That solution might require a certain number of free cells; locking them behind advancement can create situations where you cannot beat the current level without cheating or leveling up.

It sounds like an RPG that uses FreeCell as its combat mechanic, but really it’s FreeCell with a leveling up mechanic. I like FreeCell, even if I have not played in years, so this is amusing both in the base gameplay and the embellishments. But they are not great embellishments.

: Zubon