Trying something other than my usual playstyle, I have been playing Titan Quest as a Rogue. When they offered me another mastery, I doubled down on melee DPS and went with Warfare. Assassin, ho! I stab things, until I get to things that are big and scary, at which point I use DoTs, a trap, and kiting.

Rogues can put points in a “disarm traps” ability. This is standard RPG fare, something that rogues and thieves do. Titan Quest is an action RPG though, so it does not have D&D style traps. Well, there are trapped sepulchers, but you cannot disarm those. Instead, traps are huge structures that shoot fireballs and such. You disarm them by killing them, like any other monster. Rogues just get a bonus to damage against them and a reduction in damage from them. This ability also applies to construct monsters.

This seems not just thematic but mechanically necessary. Rogues get a lot of their damage from poison and bleeding. Guess what does not affect traps? Actually, I am not 100% sure that is true in-game, and it looks like I have successfully poisoned and bled skeletons. But these things presumably have high (or 100%) resistance, so rogues need something else to keep up. The undead remain a problem.

This is a factor in some D&D editions, notably 3rd. There are entire categories of abilities that do not work on non-biological targets, the most prominent of which is a Rogue’s sneak attack damage. Rogues hate undead, constructs, and oozes. At least one of those gets knocked off the list in Titan Quest.

: Zubon