I am enjoying Slay the Spire (obsessively) and getting better at it, but I am not yet good. I have only 5 victories, whereas I understand better players can consistently get 5 in a row. So I have some distance to catch up. The basic lessons seem to be “focus on defense,” “keep your deck small,” and “no really, keep your deck small, skip like half your rewards.”

Any recommendations for folks to watch or listen to for tips? I see some suggestions that are extended versions of the above, but at least half the suggestions I have seen would be good for improving your odds if the combo comes together but not consistently. For example, suggested cards to pick with several essential pieces. You cannot reliably get essential pieces in Slay the Spire.

A disappointing thing is that there seem to be few viable approaches for long term success. There are a few “win condition” cards or combos, and you plan around whichever approach becomes viable. Both classes need massive defense, and offense is usually one of two big strength boosters in red and poison or shivs in green. The path is narrower than I had hoped.

: Zubon

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  1. I quickly sorted out that small decks are the way to go, but that makes it less fun in many ways. I’d suggest a change that you have to have as many cards as the level you are on /2 but that just supports my personal preference.

  2. I bought the game after reading your reviews. It was actually on my wish list, but I pulled the trigger sooner from reading these posts.

    The small deck is definitely the way to go. I don’t think I’ve made it past area three… is that what you mean by five wins? As you’ve made it past floor five? Or is there a final boss where you “win the game”?

    I suck with the iron clad. The hunter feels much easier to succeed with… maybe more viable “builds”. I am impressed with how you can play twice on the same character and have vastly different builds. I’ve been the farthest with a build that auto–applies poison every turn while also applying block for every card play. But I’ve also had success with a discard deck (powers that reward discards).

    I hope the third hero has some minion cards :).

    1. By “win,” I mean beating the third boss and swinging at the heart of the spire. That’s as far as the game goes right now, and I don’t expect it to go much further if at all when it is done. “Winning the game” as such is not implemented yet.

      I agree, I do better with the Silent than the Ironclad. The Silent seems to have stronger win conditions with shivs and poison, although Ironclad strength and barricade are great when they come together. I have not really gotten exhaust or discard builds to work, except having some supplemental discard in a Silent build if the right relics drop.

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