Slay the Spire Daily Challenge

I was initially hesitant about the Daily Challenge mode added to Slay the Spire a few weeks ago, but I have been enjoying it a lot. I would not say that all the modifiers are fun, but when the daily combo works, it is a hoot. Today’s combination of tripled cards and starting strength adds value to the 2-energy attacks (Heavy Blade, Perfected Strike) that I often find difficult to fit into my deck; today, I just took as many as possible and laughed my way through fights one-shotting things. Yesterday was a beautiful cacophony of shivs that got me the achievement for killing a boss on the first turn.

Daily Challenge mode is sometimes a challenge, but it is often just different in ways that change the normal balance of the game. For example, one of today’s modifiers adds +3 strength to you and every enemy. That normally seems like a bad bargain, but you act first, so if you can destroy everything quickly, it is almost pure profit. One modifier gives you fewer cards and more relics, a trade I like. Another makes curses a resource and encourages you to take more of them.

I am above 50 successful runs, so the added variety is nice as is the chance to play with more and different toys. Adding modifiers can make cards you always skip into must-haves. My previous Slay the Spire post talked about the joys of embracing randomization a day that was a good approach. Some modifier combos just make it harder, which I can already do with Ascension mode, but the real fun comes in trying to turn the day’s disadvantage into an advantage by shifting your min-max approach.

: Zubon

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  1. I have only won in the new modes as I didn’t like limiting my deck for success in the “basic” mode. I still run 40 card decks but with the new modes there are a lot of fun to be had. I loved the add strength with curses one (yesterday I think?) The damage output was rediculous. Its worth taking a run every day now, for me.

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