[GW2] For Ravious

guild wars 2 screenshot of Ravious saying I thought moving to the city would be easy but ive lost track of my pet rats. by the time i got here, nine of them had gone missing Our departed friend Ravious has been added to Guild Wars 2. You can find him in Lion’s Arch. He wants you to find his lost rats (hidden achievement). You can see details and a guide on Reddit or Dulfy. “Part of the family.”

Our thanks to ArenaNet for adding Ravious to the game he loved so much, and to Oz for alerting us to the update.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “[GW2] For Ravious”

  1. It was Ravious’s coverage of GW2 in beta that drew my attention to what became the MMO I’ve played the most for the last half-decade. I imagine his enthusiasm for the game brought many people onboard. A fitting tribute, for sure. I’ll be doing the quest this Easter.

  2. Our family is so grateful for this very special way that ArenaNet honored Ravious. The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed finding him in the game and doing the quest together. We are also grateful for this blog and its readers, for giving Ravious the freedom and support to share his love of gaming with all of you. I know how incredibly amazing he was, and it is awesome to see the impact he had on other people. -Ravious’ Wife

    1. We were blessed to have him share with us here. It was our honor to have him Katie. Thank you so much and we wish the best for you and the family. Take care!

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