Equal and Opposite

Not to harp on a theme, but you really should try the Slay the Spire daily challenges. The last two have been a hoot for entirely opposite reasons.

Yesterday’s daily was the following combination:

  • Insanity (starting deck of 50 random cards)
  • Hoarder (when you gain a card, gain two extra copies, and you cannot remove cards at the merchant)
  • Certain Future (only one path)

In one sense, this meant minimal choice from two mods, but it also meant embracing many cards and accordingly more randomness than usual. I ran it twice, because someone suggested that it would be a good run for getting the “win with only one relic” achievement, and it was. The huge deck that became huger was perfect for a Perfected Strike deck. Perfected Strike is an attack that does more damage for every card named “Strike” you have in your deck, including Perfected Strike. I ended with 16 of them plus another 23 “Strike” cards. I’m not used to doing >100 damage per attack.

Today has the opposite combo, giving you many relics, few cards, and lots of choice:

  • Draft (draft your starting deck, not the fixed set)
  • Vintage (normal enemies drop relics instead of cards)
  • Lethality (you and all enemies get +3 strength)

I ended with 46 relics. It is hard to lose with 46 relics. Better, you can embrace the bonus strength and go for quick kills with cheap attacks. I had intended to build a shiv deck, but there were only so many shivs available, and instead Endless Agony became my go-to. Normally, giving enemies bonus strength would be high risk, but if you can kill almost everything on the first turn, it does not matter how strong they are. The high level of control in today’s mods let me focus on cheap attacks and getting even more strength.

Yesterday I had many cards, few relics, and smashed things with expensive, high damage attacks on the Ironclad. It was a hoot. Today I had few cards, many relics, and smashed things with cheap, fast, moderate damage attacks on the Silent. It was a hoot. I am really enjoying it when the mods let you embrace the negative of the day, turn it into a positive, and break the game’s balance along one axis or another.

: Zubon