A Tired Developer

I enjoyed Pixoji this weekend. It is a puzzle game like Pixelo with a bit of Minesweeper, which makes sense coming from the maker of Mine of Sight, which I also enjoyed.

An aspect of being a puzzle developer I had not considered is how tiresome it must be to deal with players, especially when achievements on a free-to-play site encourage everyone to try the game. Click through to Pixoji and expand the instructions. This is a very tired person.

No guesses are needed, every level has only 1 solution (feel free to prove me wrong with an actual screenshot).

I’ve had to simplify a few levels so that certain players will stop complaining about ‘guessing’.

It’s not a matter of opinion. The levels are solvable.

Again. If I’m wrong, it would be very easy to prove me wrong with a screenshot. A comment is not a screenshot.

If you fill/grey the whole level it will highlight ONE unsatisfied hint (or else you win). Please try this before declaring that it didn’t accept your solution.

And then there are several more variations on “please stop complaining, the game is not broken, you’re just not good at it.”

I have been reading the Slay the Spire discussions on Steam, and that is more or less a recurring theme. “This game is pure random crap!” “Really, I have an 80% win ratio on Ascension 15.” “Getting past the second boss is impossible!” I have begun to sympathize with “git gud,” because I started doing much better once I got gud.

: Zubon

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  1. This is a good example of why I hugely preferred the days when Developers did not communicate with players on any kind of informal basis. I wish they would just make the game, sell the game, run the game and and hire professional PR/CS people to communicate.

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