Lately I have been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms on mobile. Frankly, as games go, it is not much of a game. It is the standard thing to know from social media games: click to start an action, come back in a few hours to click again. Nothing special, frequent cash shop opportunities to buy things so you have more and different things to click on and wait.

The backstory of the game is that Maleficent has cursed the kingdom (Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom, or maybe your country’s equivalent theme park). You work with Mickey Mouse and the Disney characters to reclaim the kingdom, clear the curse, and run a fun theme park for kids. The mechanics are unexceptional, but that is a good theme to run with.

Disney characters as your hero characters? That’s good. Run your own Disneyland? That’s good. Earn Disney characters and rides as rewards? That’s good. And the scoring mechanism? Fulfill children’s wishes to raise happiness and bring more kids to your theme park. Maybe I have had too many games themed around killing, but “make children happy” as a goal is a really nice change of pace, and “have Jessie from Toy Story play with children” uses the same mechanics as “send your knights to slay the goblins.”

I know that I am more or less opting in to advertising for Disney parks as the point of the game, and I will probably pay for the privilege for event content at some point. I am okay with that. I am having fun managing my burgeoning theme park and running on the treadmills to unlock characters. I also like Disney World and am still interested in working there, if anyone has a contact for me in project management or technical development.

The current event is Lilo & Stitch. I started playing after it had started, so I don’t think there’s any chance of me getting Stitch without throwing money at the problem, but I’m happy with a few “bonus” characters I am getting easily. It does not sound like the previous event content repeats? Which is unfortunate, because that looks like about two years’ worth of events with characters boxed neatly away. While it looks like not much is done with event content after the event is over, it might be nice to fill out one’s stable of Disney characters, you know? But then, I suspect these games are supported by a mix of “I must have everything” dedicated players along with steady churn. One already has all the event content, the other will not spend enough money to make it worthwhile to bring it back.

: Zubon