Hearthstone Monster Hunt

Hearthstone has a new roguelike mode, “Monster Hunt.” It is basically the same thing as Dungeon Run, with fewer hero options and I haven’t seen yet whether the opponents are more or less unfortunate than Dungeon Run. “A compelling trainwreck of randomness” still feels about right, although less compelling at this point because I have seen the same thing done so much better elsewhere.

Whoever is putting this together is working hard to do interesting things with cards, powers, etc. “Balance” may not be their strong point, but “interesting” is fair. Sadly, they are building it on a base of Hearthstone, so RNG is going to be the dominant factor no matter what they do. Randomly drew a hard counter, bad shuffle, or card buckets that don’t work together? Start over, roll the dice again.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Hearthstone Monster Hunt”

  1. The fact that the Monster Hunt heroes have their own unique hero powers adds some interest. Toki, the Time-Tinker, is particularly fun – your deck choices tend to be stuffed with randomness, but your hero power is to rewind to the start of your turn and play it again, so if you don’t like the random outcomes you get a second crack at it.

    1. It’s kind of the epitome of Hearthstone. “Roll the dice. Don’t like it? Roll some more!”

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