Slay the Spire: Endless Mode

Custom mode now has one of the long-demanded options: endless mode. I think you’ll find that any deck capable of beating three bosses is capable of going quite a bit further, especially when you can pick modifiers to fuel that even further. You really should turn on blights, however, or else it really does become “endless” mode.

Blights are harsh negatives that replace boss relics. Without them, you can keep increasing your strength faster than the game itself ramps up. That gets boring. Blights make things a little spicier.

In endless mode, the importance of everything shifts: only scaling matters. Anything that is good but works by addition rather than multiplication is crap. The Defect’s Buffer card is normally pretty weak: prevent one attack. In endless mode, when enemies might do hundreds of points of damage, you might Echo-Amplify-Buffer+ to stop six attacks, which will give you enough time to win. But if you’re playing like I do, you go for the turn one win every time so damage doesn’t matter; Mind Blast or Perfected Strike with absurd numbers of cards is fun. And then you eventually hit numbers that are too big or just a really bad roll of the dice.

It can have that Civilization feel: one… more… floor…

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Slay the Spire: Endless Mode”

  1. Saw your screenshot of dying on floor 399 or something, how did that happen?

    Just picked up the game on the recent sale, very fun. Hoping they add more classes, or expand it beyond three levels.

    1. Yes, more classes are coming, probably after full release. Not sure about the plan to add levels, although Endless helps with that.

      I died because of trying a few things that were fun but ultimately damning. I was playing with Hoarder (3 copies of everything you get) and was enjoying the relics that benefited from curses. But at some point, Pride catches up, because if you get 9 per trip through the spire and don’t get rid of them, eventually you get your top 30 cards all curses (Pride and Writhe). I also took the “upgrade all, can no longer heal” Mind Bloom, which seems like fun when you have that many cards, but I didn’t realize that the refill between floors counted as a heal. Gradual doom. Without that, I could have done better using the Blue Candle to get through curses and healed up afterwards, even with 30 on top of my deck. Alas.

      I was considering quitting anyway at that point. I tried a game without Blights turned on, and that really was endless, so I quit eventually.

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