User-Defined Tags

an age an content warning screen for the game Disneyland Adventures on Steam
How much do I really need to explain about what is going on here? There is not a Disneyland game with adult content, or at least not this one. How about a second image that explains much?
a list of user-defined game tags for Disneyland Adventures on Steam including family-friendly, horror, and gore

In the long run, this sorts itself out. In the short run, letting people influence the system lets people troll the system.

: Zubon

One thought on “User-Defined Tags”

  1. Back in February 2014 when Steam introduced tags I was of the opinion that they weren’t all that bad. They were subject to the whims of human behavior but, as you note, they tended to sort themselves out in the long term.

    I am, however, a bit surprised that this is still a thing, that Steam hasn’t been able to adjust the process over time. For example, “Adult Content” seems like a flag that ought to be applied by the Valve team when reviewing games and not something a random user can apply just to annoy Disney.

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