Mod the Spire

As a last big thing before the official release in two weeks, Slay the Spire now supports mods. There have been mods for months, but it is now supported through Steam Workshop.

At a friend’s suggestion, I am going to start trying out mods, particularly modded characters. When you have played 400+ hours, you may need something new to keep it fresh. I expect some to be well conceived, some to be poorly balanced, and generally to enjoy fumbling around with “is this bad or am I doing it badly?” Because Slay the Spire was my first real “git gud” game.

One nice thing about mods, rather than the base game, is that they can be ridiculous and that’s OK. Like the modifiers you can add in custom mode, you can intentionally make the game much harder, easier, more random, etc. That is both adjusting the game to fit your own needs and doing something silly you might enjoy occasionally but not want every time. God mode is fun for a little while, even if it is toxic to the game in the long run.

If you have mods you like and want to recommend, the comments are open.

: Zubon