[Eve] The J221447 Contract

The residents of the C3 were beset upon all sides by the invasion forces of Cockroach Industries.   The large Amarr Tower had been brought online while they slept, and before they could stage a resistance, the found themselves out-manned, outgunned and under siege in their own home.   With nowhere to run, and the last shreds of hope fading, they reached out to the skilled wormhole mercenaries of Surely You’re Joking to see if there was anything that could stop the invasion…

Within the hour, our fleet was formed and burning through HiSec to the static wormhole entrance to lay siege to the invaders, and expel them from our client’s home system.

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[Eve] What Next?

Evenings in New Eden have seen a lot of activity from the pilots of INQ-E recently.   Ten-man fleets are becoming commonplace and the diversity of our activities has been very enjoyable and very rewarding.   We spent some time in Null, we have had a steady string of Grav sites and have hauled in so much ore we have not only filled the Corp POS holds to overflowing, but it has started spilling over into Weezi’s POS hanger as well, and that is in danger of capping out…  We have been running combat sites non-stop and even have had a bit of time to pew pew in LoSec or the other wormhole connections that have spawned.  We now run Ore Refinery, Gas Reactions, Invention, BPC Research, Ammo Production, and are producing T2 Modules inside the hole….

Busy, profitable, and fun, and the conversation every night turns to ‘whats next?’

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38 Studios Lays Everyone Off

Via The Verge.

Items of note:

  • Reckoning was a “failure.”  They needed to sell 3,000,000 copies just to break even on the deal.  They sold 1.2M.
  • They are closing both offices completely.  Providence and Maryland’s BHG.
  • First internal communications grew ‘sparse’ then paychecks stopped coming, then email servers went down, they heard the bad news a few weeks later…

First of all…  3,000,000 copies!?!  Did anyone think it would sell that many?  I thought 1.2M sounded pretty good.

My thoughts are with all of the developers and their families who are dealing with a very difficult time.   This is a sad day for the entire industry.   Bioware laid off a ‘significant’ number of their employees working on SW:TOR and now all 337 employees of 38 Studios are unemployed.   Sad times, indeed.



[Eve] Two Months

Today marks two months since I first set foot in New Eden.   It is hard to believe it has only been that long because I feel like I have seen and accomplished a lot in that very short period of time.   Let’s take a moment to reflect on what has happened over the last few months and take stock of my current situation and near term goals.

I joined INQ-E, moved into a C3 Wormhole, celebrated a 9th Anniversary, Burn Jita, Hulkageddon, the list goes on an on…  all in two months.  That is more that I would expect from a year in most MMOs.

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A few news briefs that don’t really fit together in any coherent way:


  • My initial impressions of the Guild Wars 2 beta were wrong.   Go read the Facebook update from yesterday where ANet talks about how hard they are working on the client after the feedback from the BWE1 and Stress Test.   They aren’t even releasing a new BWE ‘until its ready.’  I can’t even begin to describe how happy this makes me.   Make it right, make it the best it can be, and I will help test when you want me to.


  • Today is patch day for the 17th Expansion to Eve Online titled Inferno.   My love for this game is no secret, and the pace at which CCP delivers content upgrades is simply amazing, and clearly leaps and bounds beyond what anyone else is doing in the MMO space…   add to that fact that the true game expansions are free, makes me scratch my head a bit, and really feel blessed to have found this game when I did, instead of letting one of the most impressive, and unique gaming experiences pass me by without ever giving it the proper due.


  • In a sad, but largely unsurprising turn of events, 38 Studios has started the process of downsizing their development staff.   For everyone out there commenting on the politics of this or that issue and forgetting that real people’s livelihoods are at stake, please take a moment to put yourselves in the shoes of the developer who was living their dream making games, and is now out of work.  This is a very difficult situation, and while you can hate on Curt Schilling if you want, try to temper your gloating by realizing that good people from our gaming  community are going through a hard time right now.



38 Studios

I am pleased to present the first comprehensive look at 38 Studio’s upcoming MMO code-named Project Copernicus. Thank you to Steve Danuser and Ryan Schwayder for sharing this with us, via their blogs.

I have to admit that I took the bad news about 38 Studio’s difficult financial situation this week rather hard.  I have been following this game since before the company was even formed, when Curt was talking about his desire to build something great, something he could be proud of and something he would enjoy playing after he retired from baseball.   When two of my favorite MMO bloggers and game designers, Steve and Ryan, joined the team, and then Salvatore, McFarlene, Rolsten the names kept coming…  I was excited.

The single greatest moment in my blogging career was related to 38 Studios and Copernicus.  In 2007 I wrote here at Kill Ten Rats about the game, and Curt Schilling stopped by to chat.   Curt is a hero of mine.  He is a legend in my hometown, a devoted husband and father, a pillar in every community he has lived, a vocal advocate for many worthy causes, and above all he is a gamer.   A sports giant that I can identify with on a personal level, and one who has proven himself to be an honest, honorable winner.

To read the troubling issues that Curt and the team at 38 Studios are going through right now, is heartbreaking.   I don’t know what will happen, but I hope for the best.  I want to play the Amalur MMO.  Keep fighting guys, give us a world we can fall in love with.

If you build it, we will come.


[Eve] Fickle Wormholes

The past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs in Wormhole Space.  We had a string of really good spawns at the beginning of the month and are now in something of a slump with regards to new Cosmic Signatures…

It can be very frustrating to log on, scan the home system and the surrounding constellations, and realize that there is almost nothing you can feasibly do that will be of any significant benefit.   On a positive note, the last payout was a whopping $348,000,000 ISK so we are really getting good at milking the spawns we do get.   Now if we can figure out how to make content more consistent, though I think we all already know the inevitable answer… move to a bigger Wormhole with a 2nd WH Static.   If only we were ready for it, but we will be soon.


[Eve] Two Corporations: One War

Last night, I joined RvB – Blue Republic.

Things in the Wormhole are going great, we have been busy with Sigs and Anoms, and the occasional fleet roam, but until a few final skills in my solo-gank Bomber build finish up, I am largely incapable of stalking in W-Space solo.

My 3rd account that I built a Freighter/ Trader pilot on has finished up that skill plan, and I was debating what to do with the account now, when I read about Red v Blue.

RvB is an epic, endless, galactic war between thousands of friends who pew pew at each other in High Sec, all the time.   I had to get in on that action, so I rolled a new alt, and applied to Blue Republic.

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