[Eve] Wormhole Living

The last few days have been a roller-coaster ride… a  flurry of activity, acclimation and excitement.   We have settled the Wormhole, gotten nearly all of the equipment that we needed into our Station and onlined both our industrial capacities and our defences. 

The past three days have seen us focused on beginning to reap the rewards of our risk-taking, and clear Cosmic Anomalies, mine in our Gravametric sites and we have even had a few members out hitting the Radar, Mag and Ladar sites…

As it turns out, Wormhole living is very ideally suited to a Corporation like INQ-E.  

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[Eve] Some People Call Me A Space Cowboy

Last night, I was floating in our Wormhole, chatting and getting to know some of my Corpmates in INQ-E.   Though I feel like I have been with these guys forever, and have even been promoted to Director of Recruitment for the Corp, it has only been a very short time that I have been playing with them.   Why then, has Eve grabbed ahold of me so completely where dozens of better funded, newer, and shinier MMOs have left me wanting?

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[Eve] Skinning Cats

Someone told me recently that “in Eve there is always more than one way to skin the cat.”

I haven’t done much cat skinning in my day, but since according to the ‘media’ the entire Eve community is sociopathic, sado-masachists who try to murder each other in and out of the game, do all sorts of nasty things and kick puppies for fun, the saying sort of fits…

So there I was ‘skinning my cat’ with little to no success for hours on end… scanning low-sec systems for what we were after… a wormhole to call home.

One of the amazing things that I have come to understand about Eve, is that everything, and I mean everything, is for sale.    Especially information.  You need a reliable contact who knows how to get what you want, and you need a lot of ISK.   Fortunately we have both, and the prize we have been hunting fruitlessly for quite some time was just a several hundred million ISK payment away.

While I was out scanning down sites, the CEO had discover another technique for cat skinning…  Eve Wormhole Real Estate Brokers.   No…  really.   Everything in Eve is for sale.

Last night, after a grand adventure, we moved into our new home, and I couldn’t be happier.   It is exciting and crazy, epic in scope, and so totally unpredictable that it makes me smile that MMOs can in fact deliver content that is dynamic and changeable in a gigantic sandbox.



[Eve] Highway To The Dangerzone

I am in the soup now.

24 hours ago, orders came down from the CEO that my particular proclivities could benefit the Corp’s current near term goals in a very specific way.   I enjoy this sort of thing, so fast forward to now, and I am cloaked deep in questionable territory with potential enemies all around, scanning me while I scan them.   So far, I haven’t had to test my evasive maneuvering skills, but I suspect it will only be a matter of time.

Did I mention I like soup?

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[Eve] Wonderous Complexity

So… I installed Eve Online last week for the first time in the game’s eight year life span…   I can’t pinpoint why it has taken me so long, perhaps there was a perception that the game didn’t suit my tastes, since I like DIKU high fantasy settings, and since I left UO, have played all class/archetype, level progression games.

Well it suits me just fine.

SynCaine, of Hardcore Casual, was kind enough to offer me a 21-day free trial, with nearly no limitations and membership in his Eve Corp, so that is about as risk-free as you can get with a new game.   After just over 24 hours, I bought a three-month subscription, and by day three I have subbed a second account to duel-box with my main.   My undivided loyalty to GW2 has been replaced with a foreboding sence of indecision about whether I should even pre-purchase the game, or wait and see how this Eve addiction holds up.

What attracts me most about Eve, is the complexity of the game systems.   Complexity for the sake of complexity can be a bad thing, but in Eve it just seems so organic and interconnected.   The industry, harvesting and player economy is so involved and so active it immediately causes me to question why all game economies aren’t designed the same way.   The immensity of the server (50,000 players concurrent last night) and the dynamics of the political and social meta-game is just staggering…   If CCP can do it, why isn’t every AAA game server capacity designed in the same fashion?

I am very glad I gave this aging, niche game a try, and my only regret is that I waited so long.   I can’t wait to explore more of the universe and start to peel back the layers of this onion…   I keep hearing and reading about Eve events that each make me realize that this game goes so much deeper than I can comprehend, and I am looking forward to having my mind blown over and over!




I’m Back!

Greetings Rat Slayers, I have returned…  Not that I’ve been anywhere exciting or exotic, quite the contrary, I have been wandering about in a bewildered MMO malaise for the past few years and suffering from a general apathy regarding the titles that have been produced.

That’s not to say that I haven’t kept abreast of the goings on in the industry, and I have continued to test and trial games, and I’ve even gotten excited a few times about features and innovation, that later turned sour and left a bitter taste when the ‘innovation’ failed to deliver or amounted to old mechanics re-skinned to appear revolutionary.

Thankfully, 2011 brought about the F2P revolution and gave me something to pass the time until I could get excited about something again.   From a retail release perspective, Guild Wars 2 has done that for me, finally.   More importantly, I see trends in the trenches, that suggest we are starting to see developers breaking out of the misguided meta that ‘a better WoW’ is the future of the industry.

I see more indie developers taking risks and pushing new paradigms and that is exciting.   I can’t wait to share my experiences in several exciting projects currently in early stages of development, as well as whatever else comes along.   Kill Ten Rats has always been an epic quest, and I am glad to be back with all of you brave adventurers as we carve out our destinies and push this MMO universe in new and exciting directions.