The Thrill of the Kill

It’s late.  My eyes blur with the monitors haze, and the repetitious attempts have long since morphed me into an automaton.  At my side, my wife Abryn is slumped in her desk chair, posture sagging even as her eyes remain fixed on the life bars of our companions.

Months of attunement, back-flagging, farming, and hour after hour of failure at the same critical juncture in the encounter.    It seems so simple, yet so impossibly complex at the same time, and frustrations abound, as we continue to throw ourselves against the same brick wall.

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Setting My Hearthstone

I started reading Kill Ten Rats a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. For me it has since transcended the traditional MMO Blog role, and become more akin to a community center or traffic hub from whence all travel to other new and interesting places in this fine realm we like to call the MMO Blogosphere, begins.

KTR reminds me a bit of the Nexus in Norrath, or perhaps Shattrath City in Azeroth; a place to meet friends, chat, trade ideas, and find portals to zip off to distant lands in search of the next rat listed in your quest log.

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