Did anyone catch last night’s South Park episode: “Make Love, Not Warcraft”? I’m not going to spoil it for anyone or nitpick it, but anyone that plays MMOs and especially WoW should check their listings for a rerun. It is a great episode about WoW. I believe Blizzard helped with the episode as their logo is seen throughout the episode. A good portion of the episode is told machinema style using WoW graphics, although I think Blizzard tweaked it a little for them as they do things not seen in the regular game. I was playing with my camera when the show came on so I took some literal screen shots.

Party at Sony’s

San Diego Comic Con has changed over the years. The porn industry, especially hentai, used to have to big pressense, but they are all but gone now. Video game companies have begun showing up. EA had a big booth last year to promote its Marvel branded games. NC Soft had a lot of floor space to push City of Heroes and Villians. Even Blizzard had a little booth where the big draw was a playable level and cut scenes from StarCraft Ghosts. If anyone will be attending this year on Saturday, Sony is hosting the SOE Block Party. I would liked to visit but I don’t think I will be there on Saturday.

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Defeat Evil Curt Schilling for a Good Cause

Evil Curt Schilling[EverQuest II] On June 5, 6, and 7 the Red Sox will be playing the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. During this same time an evil Curt Schilling will be found in EverQuest II (Schilling’s favorite game apparently). Everytime evil Curt Schilling is taken down, a $5 donation will be made to charity. I don’t play EQ2 and I don’t particulary like the Yankees or Red Sox, but the cause is right.

[Click here for more info on how you too can defeat Curt Schilling.]

It’s Official: Draenei is the New Alliance Race!

wow[World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade] Well it appears the rumors were true… kind of. The new Alliance race will be the Draenei. They will be the biggest characters on the Alliance side which should go to addressing the size imbalance between Alliance and Horde. They are, however, not the “ugly” race some speculated would be added to the Alliance to give them an edgier look and attract a different type of gamer to Alliance similar to how many feel the Blood Elves are a “pretty” race for the Horde. The Draenei character models unveiled so far look nothing like the long-faced pudgy-Orc looking guys currently in the game (those guys, according to the backstory, are mutated sub-species). Personally I think they look pretty darn cool. They look to be larger than human, but not quite the size of Taurens. This will probably trigger more complaints from the “Blizzard favors Alliance” crowd as the new Alliance race will be a cool looking new addition to the Warcraft universe while the Blood Elves are palette swapped Night Elves. But we all know by now the same guys complaining will be first in line to buy the expansion anyways.

Check out the Draenei here.

Stay Alive! I’m Talking to You WoW Servers

wow[World of Warcraft] 2nd UPDATE: The servers remained down for about 24 hours. Everyone on the affected realms will get a free day.

The 17 or so problem servers that are oh so prone to crashes and restarts are down again tonight. They went down a little after midnight PST and Blizzard is estimating that they will not be up and running again until 6AM PST. I logged on hoping to get on one of my level 2 RP server alts. Back when downtime was more common, the RP servers (usually stable due to low populations) would see an influx of players killing time while waiting for their realms to go back on. This would of course lead to some hilarious exchanges.

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Stayin’ Alive

wow[Stay Alive] My computer is still acting up so no MMOs for me still. It is kind of funny how I’ve become the cliche MMO player that finds himself with so much extra free time when he can’t play his games. They could make a Penny Arcade about me. I’ve taken this extra time to attend a few games of the World Baseball Classic and to go to the movies for the first time in a while. I saw V for Vendetta which was flawed but still great. Before the film there was a trailer for a horror film called Stay Alive from the producer of Charlie’s Angels and The OC about gamers being killed. It appears we have reached a social milestone: the first MMO film.

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Stay Tuned

wow[World of Warcraft] I met a friend that I haven’t seen in a while for lunch today. He’s been playing WoW since Beta thanks to a friend at Blizzard that got him in. His guild has been around since then and is now the top guild in his PvP server. The man loves the game and talking to him about it can be frustrating at times since he has developed a bit of an ego about it. His server is currently lagging far behind my humble low population PvE server and I took the chance today to rip him about it a little. He sounded dejected the moment I brought it up and went on to explain how bad things have gotten on his server.

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Happy New Year!

wow[World of Warcraft] Happy New Year everybody! Surprisingly, World of Warcraft will feature a special New Year’s Eve event (actually I think they had one last year, but much smaller in scope). That brings up the obvious question of who is going to spend New Year’s Eve in front of the computer…

Anyways, this is gonna be Blizzard’s last special event of the year. They had some minor ones like Easter Egg hunts and Fourth of July fireworks this year. Hallow’s End made its first appearance and was fairly fun, especially the trick or treating at inns. They brought back Winter Veil better than before. The only minor disappointment was the 1 year anniversary of WoW. EQ2 players got special titles and in game items while WoW players got nothing. Well, not exactely nothing. They had special drawings for graphics cards, but there were 30 winners out of their 5 million player base so… I didn’t win.

Here’s hoping the NYE event is a good one =) [Details here! Click me! Happy New Year!]