One Guild Down

wow[World of Warcraft] It didn’t take but a little over a week for the newly formed guild I joined to break up. Poor attendance and a hasty guild master ended it. I’m actually quite sad because I liked the group of people. It was fun raiding with them and learning the stuff, we just didn’t seem to be too terribly good at it. I personally don’t blame the attendance. We didn’t have a regular guild schedule making it hard for people who weren’t in the last raid or logged in daily to check the guild message to know about the next raid.

The guild master decided to make characters on another server on Alliance side and asked us to come with him. A few of us did, including me, mostly because I consider these people my friends now and it’s fun to play with them. Despite this, it’s nothing but an alt to me. I did manage to get into another raiding guild after being recommended from the disbanded guild. This guild is currently up to Hakkar in ZG and Domo in MC, so it’s a pretty new guild, which I’m excited about.

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A Good Guild

wow[World of Warcraft] Well, it has been a while since I have said much. It’s mostly because I have been playing WoW like a mad man and haven’t really thought of anything to say. I have finally got my first level 60 and am enjoying the heck out of it. Once you hit 60, you have some set goals you want to accomplish. For me, it was to get my full tier 0 set, get my epic mount, and get geared for raiding MC.

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And I thought bubble + hearth was a myth…

wow[World of Warcraft] My brother and I took a trip out to Arathi Highlands about a week ago to pick up some PvP food for our honor farming at level 49. I want to hit Stoneguard before I hit 50 and have a whole new tier of BGs to play in. We decided to mess around and go look for some Alliance to kill. He wanted to try stealthing through Refuge Point. I sat on the edge of the town putting my Hunter’s Mark on Alliance to annoy them while my brother got beat up by some guards.

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Brave New World

One of my biggest disappointments with MMORPGs has been the lack of actual adventure. Shortly after any MMORPG is released tons of information starts pouring in about the game. Large websites filled with detailed information about the game are set up. You don’t know how to complete a quest? Go look it up on a website, or, if you’re old school and/or your computer can’t handle an alt-tab, ask another player!

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Guinea Pig

[Lineage 2] Over the past month, I have tried two MMORPGs in addition to the two I already play. One is old and one is new. The old one is Lineage 2. The new one being Rising Force Online (known as RF Online or RFO). Both are Korean based MMORPGs and, surprisingly (or not), both are very similar in several ways. In fact, they are so similar that I wonder if they are using the same engine. As far as I know, they were not created by the same company so it is a bit peculiar to me. Luckily, the gameplay, while it has its similarities, is the least similar between the two.

I will only be addressing Lineage 2 this time as I have used up my free 30 day trial and have decided not to play it anymore. I only recently bought RFO and have only begun testing it out.

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Seriously, Why?!

wow[World of Warcraft] I try not to gripe too often. No one wants to hear it. This time, I’m just a little too angry. What’s my problem? Obviously it is about World of Warcraft. It’s not about the game itself but the stuff that Blizzard keeps adding to it that simply doesn’t work well. What is it this time? Deserter.

Haven’t heard of the new Deserter debuff? It happens when you abandon a battleground. It’s basically punishment for those people who leave a game when the outcome of the game doesn’t seem to be in their team’s favor. It gives you a debuff that lasts fifteen minutes and does not allow you to enter a BG. Sounds pretty good, right? After all, it just fixes one of those annoying little nuances that whiney, impatient gamers bring to WoW. WRONG! It brings along several other problems.

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Live Event: AQ

wow[World of Warcraft] Today was my server’s (Mannoroth) day for the gates of AQ (Ahn’Qiraj) to open. Unfortunately, I was on the road today, had to pick up my brother, and forgot that my local time zone is not the same as my server’s time zone, so I missed the opening of AQ by a few minutes. Regardless, I got to run around the area and have a little fun.

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FFXI: There and back again

ffxi [Final Fantasy XI] Well, I fired up my old FFXI account around Christmas. My old character was still saved because Playonline now saves characters for up to a year. I decided I’d probably never play that character again and I’d use it as a mule and sell all its stuff. The first thing I noticed in FFXI when I went to sell my stuff is the current economy “problem.” While some would argue that it’s not a problem, there is a large inflation going on. No one really knows the cause but some attribute it to mostly the holiday season and idiots. Regardless, a lot of items have increased in price, mainly the more rare items. While some say this is bad, others would say it’s not that big of a deal because a lot of other money making items have also gone up in price; however, some haven’t. Either way, inflation in FFXI never increases your current gil supply. Someone who could buy several rare items now can only buy a couple. You either had to realize an inflation was coming on and buy items before they got too pricey and then resell or your gil is now not worth as much as it used to be.

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Loving Change

ffxi [Final Fantasy XI] My brother mentioned FFXI one night. I’m not sure how we really came to this decision, but because he hadn’t asked for anything for Christmas, we came to the idea that maybe an FFXI account would be a good idea. Both he and I have burnt ourselves out on WoW, though we are far from done with WoW.

I’ve been kind of mellow lately, not feeling like even logging into WoW, even though I got home five days ago and have been able to. I’ve mostly been playing offline games between my new Nintendo DS and Dragon Quest VIII. I don’t know exactly why I haven’t felt compelled to play WoW. There’s many reasons I can think of, with feeling bored of the game actually being close to last on the list. Playing FFXI again would be like breathing fresh air again. I’ve never played two MMORPGs at once, so I don’t know if this could eventually be a good or bad thing for me.

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