Zxyrox’s Yearly Post

Well I felt I needed to write something, I’ve been busy both in Real Life and Gaming, and haven’t given it much thought.

As Far as WoW goes, im still not impressed, More raiding content that will seperate the guys in Blues and Greens from the Epic Super Soldiers, who will very soon be able to 1-shot said Blue/Green folk (which Blizzard will need to realise fast, as they have a large majority of Pvpers in the game who are fed up with the honor grind as it is, much less more Epics to drool over as they are getting cut into cubes by them).

Eve Online I’m having more fun with, getting back into PvP with my corp Amarria Auxillia, been trudging around Huzzah/CVA space destroying everything in our way without a death yet, having great fun, many tech2 cloaking devise drops and corpses for everyone, and of course many things going explodey. Which I have to say is a hell of a lot more satisfying than Killing Night Elves (I know someone will disagree with me on this) .

Real Life, still not fun, no new patches or content updates, and my Social Life has been nerfed. terrible server side lag and way too many noobs play. I think I’m hitting the cancel button soon :P.


Apology…and why RL can be a pain.

I feel obligated to write an apology to Ethic and everyone else here, Lately, I haven’t been active at all due to my own laziness, and within the last 3 weeks, being unable to be on at all, (RL 4tw)

Whether or not I will continue to write for KTR is up to Ethic at this point, I’m making an effort now to try to write more often as I seem to have put my life back together, I’ll see you all in game, as for now, I have some rats to kill.


Have not posted for a while…so…

EVE[EVE Online] Thought I’d share something I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks….

In EVE online, my “progression” came in different stages.

First 2 months: Mostly I was just getting to know the game…new shiny, new gameplay…new style…new (almost) everything. I wasnt sure on what I wanted to do… I had skills spread out in all directions, and I did missions and mined with a friend for the most part.

2-3 months later: I had decided I wanted to be a miner/industrialist. I had my skills queued up for a mining barge craft, which I would fly within a month, I stayed in the corporation’s system and harvested isk all day long, making around 10mill per day

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error, Error, ERROR

wow[World of Warcraft] Again, Blizzard never ceases to amaze me how well they can completely screw over hundreds of thousands of paying customers.

Same routine as before. I was instructed to reinstall the game. I attempted that, now I’m stuck with an even more infuriating problem. The game will not install, I’ve tried everything blizzard suggests to do in the case of a CRC error, which is listed in the link below.

Hell I’ve even tried the rest of the crap they mention on that page, and it still comes to that same error on the last stretch of the last install CD. I’m pissed, I’m done, and if I can’t get this resolved in a few days, I’m canceling my account, I’ve had it up to the high end with Blizzards Fisher Price Patch network, not to mention the non existant CS team.



WoW and Eve Online, where I stand.

I’ve noticed a strong trend in Eve lately, it seems that (like most games) CCP keeps adding more, and more, and even more “endgame” content, gigantic gargantuan doomsday ships that cost several billions of isk to buy, let alone train in its own.

I realise they are also revamping tech 1 frigates and cruisers, as well as adding new tech 2 destroyers, battlecruisers, and cruisers, also, at high prices. It seems to me more and more people that have over 40billion isk and have enough tech 2/named fitted bs stashed away to survive the end of the world, need more of an advantage then they already have?

Big bad alliances getting more content, and leaving the little guy in the dust, of course, this has always been the case in Eve, but making huge ships only flyable in 0.0 (which anyone who has ever been to 0.0 or been in an alliance knows that every inch of 0.0 is closely guarded by the local alliance who controls the territory) instantly cuts off a good number of players.

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I leave for 5 minutes and…

wow[World of Warcraft] Patch Day for WoW, normally this would’nt be so bad. I open up the game, log in, it gets me to a patch downloader… wait what’s this…”there was a problem with (insert text here) file, reinstall World of Warcraft and seek help from Customer Service if the problem persists” So, uninstall, click.

Now I try to reinstall it, should be easy right? Wrong, I get to disk 3, and get stuck on Installing “patch.MPQ”, I canceled, tried again, same result. It’s been going for about an hour now… guess that’s it for WoW tonight….



Lately I’ve been finding EVE getting less and less fun. Many people who I knew quit weeks or months ago, I’ve had nothing but constant setbacks in which cases I lost a Raven to a level 4 mission, and in a strange turn of events, my scorpion to Concord. I’m trying my hand at an Appocalypse battleship now, this of course means I need to train up skills I didn’t previously have as a missile user, the training to fly the ship -WELL- will take about 2 months, I’ve been sitting in station doing nothing, with occasional mining, I haven’t done any pvp for 2 weeks, getting bored :/. I might go back and try WoW again, or try something new, not sure yet.