Betrayal and Revenge, ZX style

eve 01[EVE Online] Last weekend I was literally turned on by the HUZZAH federation, and was put on KOS for the allience, this occurred after I left the alliance for my own reasons, tried to leave on a good note, but apparantly it can’t be so, on my way out of providence in my kestrel frigate Mr Zarniewoop, executor of the HUZZAH federation attepted to gank me, results 4u!

2005.09.25 22:25:00

Victim: Zarniewoop
Corporation: Galactic Shipyards Inc
Destroyed Type: Typhoon
Solar System: Kheram
System Security Level: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Zxyrox (laid the final blow)
Security Status: 0.7
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: The International House Of Pancakes
Ship Type: Kestrel
Weapon Type: Bloodclaw Light Missile I

I hope they think twice before tangling with t3h kessie again!



[EVE Online] Why are people so anal about the stupidest things? In my case, what ships you fly, what your bio says, and other meager little crap no one gives a flying F*ck about. I’m out hunting in 0.0 with my shiny new raven, and I warp to a field to see this guy in his appoc getting torn up by two HACs (heavy assault cruisers). They are both at 90km from me, perfect range for my cruise missiles. This other guy happens to be a member of my alliance (although neither of us knew that at that point, as it will show later…) so with cruise missiles in tow, I lock on and blast the Zealot HAC in a few seconds with my wrath cruise missiles, and the other, a sacrelige HAC warps out before I acquire target lock on him. Strangely enough the guy who I killed was a load more polite and respectful then my supposed ally who gave me one hell of a time…

He immediately locked me and said if I didn’t identify myself in 10 seconds he would shoot me, (from 80km ya thats gonna happen Mr Pulse lasers…) I told him who I was. He then says, “WHY ISN’T IT IN YOUR BIO!!?!?!?. I THOUGHT THIS ALLIANCE ONLY FLEW AMARR SHIPS!?!?!?” then threatened to kill me if I didn’t change my bio…WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I just saved your f*cking happyass from becoming spare loot, a little thank you and goodbye isn’t so hard to ask for is it? Apparantly so. My answer to him was 24 cruise missiles up his ass, I warped off and went home leaving him at 35% hull… some ally you are champ.


There is no light at the end of the tunnel…

[EVE Online] I wish I had something cheerful and new to blog about, unfortunately if everything was cheerful there would be nothing worthwhile to read? meh.

Well tonights experience made me rethink my stance in EVE, The corp I’m in currently has ’42’ members, however, about 30 of those members have been inactive since the war began with Silent Guard months ago, and with 3 POS set up, it seems everything is a chore, I find myself having less and less fun. Finding it hard to make isk, and overall its just not going well. I might post more later, right now I need to rethink my stance in EVE.


Patch Patch Patch!

[EVE Online] Today the EVE Tranquility Server was down for patching. This Patch will include the Outposts (dockable POS YAY!!) , Dreadnoughts, Frieghters, and A Missile “Nerf”, as well as a PvP timer that prevents you from logging out to save your ship if you are in trouble.

More information check out the dev blog.


EVE: A Pirate’s Paradise….

Well, normally I think CCP is one of, if not the best devs in MMO history, the customer service is great, the server is reletively lag-free, and the patches dont take forever to download and best of all, I’ve never been stuck in a server que, ever. In adverse to WoW where there have been server downings, que’s, and just no way to get on. CCP has always made me glad to be onboard, but there is an aspect of the game that sets me over the edge.

1. The GMs (much like UO) are extremely evil and sedistic most of the time. Hell, most of them ARE pirates, and they have been known to kill random innocent players in low sec with thier uber gimped faction ships and tech 2 mods, therefore having a ship about as powerful as 5 Battleships, which is obsurd. And they have the powers of a basic chatroom moderator, except they dont need to be limited to a chat window…no! Lets give them the ability to take away a players ability to type in private conversations, corp, local, and even send eve mails for set amounts of time for either A. being petitioned for disrupting a chat channel (which can sometimes be a false acusation) or B. because you slight them, although it is rare to run into a GM in person or in chat, it has happened and multiple people have complained. I myself was gagged my first week of EVE for “Not respecting the rights of members in the channel” which was basically me going into a chat and being a newb unaware that it was a roleplaying channel, and when my friend asked if anyone liked anime was told “anime, hmm the records have no history of that since 2010!” and then questioning the sanity of the roleplayer.

2. A new bookmark nerf, now CCP has kept nerfs and most things to a minimal if not beneficial degree (the missile nerf sounds like a good idea IMO) but they now want to nerf bookmarks which are essencially an ability to set up a quicker faster route to an asteroid, stargate, or station. Making the travel system in EVE semi-bearable. Now CCP is one of those companies that give the Pirates(PKers) ALL the love as far as nerfs, updates, and fixes with anything else. And they have been complaining that its too easy for an industrial ship or helpless mining craft to escape thier clutches with quickwarps(QW). So the devs are going to make all the pirates happy by proposing a way to make a quickwarp that worked one day, not work the next. However I can see one good reason for this and it is serverside loads from the people with thousands and thousands of bookmarks. Now, saying the QW make players invinceable is a load of bullcrap, it still takes large ships like battleships, battlecruisers, industrials, and even cruisers time to warp, and having to fly 15km in a slowass indie is possibly the most annoying thing you will ever do in EVE, hell in low sec we have to constantly take supplies to our POS in a .3 system, therefore meaning each time we carry millions of supplies through those systems to just keep the thing alive or even to get the products from it to sell, we will need to bring an escort with us, which might not work if they are in large ganging groups. Overall this idea is stupid.

3. Not being able to dock at a POS. I could go on for hours on this but I already have on everything else so I will spare you the pain…but… I REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO DOCK AT MY OWN STATION. I would think this would be standard issue. Considering a starbase is…well…a starbase, and its nothing more than a chore without that ability. Hell I would move out and live in low sec if I could dock with our POS, and yet CCP complains about trying to get people to go out in low sec. Well not being able to dock at a station and nerfing QW, the most essencial travel tools, aren’t going to help. For the first time i’m not liking the choice of CCP but still the game is great and I cant wait for the new Dreadnaught class ships to be released…for now…happy hunting you lucky pirates!


And so Begins The Pyroxeres Empire….

In EVE Online, I have started my attack on the asteroid fields of my corp system, having setup camp in the system and am now starting my full scale operation on mining the pyroxeres there. This is yielding me 10 million isk a day and I’m working most of my free time mining. This of course means I won’t be playing World of Warcraft any longer.

I’m finding WoW to be more boring everytime I log on. Less to do, feels more repetitive, more grind, and more PvP induced lag. I’m done with WoW until blizz gets a grip and trashes the honor system. They have 2 million players but I’ll see how long it takes for them to lose those subscriptions as more and more people put the can on thier accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of WoW, but with all the PvP going on in the PvE server, it’s become so laggy it’s not even bearable and my level makes me absolutely useless in PvP combat.

So as far as EVE goes, I’m nearing 100 million credits, standing at 80 million now. Since the war is over and my self proclaimed war on the pyroxeres has left me with great income and around my system I’m known as “Zxyrox the Pyrox King”, I go out and mine 2 fields of it every day =).

Our Corp will also begin construction of our POS (player owned structure) this weekend, if all goes well we should be making it tomorrow. Today we did some ice mining, a long process but fun none the less. More info later, gotta go mine more ice. :)


Zxyrox Saves the Day :D

[EVE Online] Well I’m back from my vacation and now that the war is all finalized and done with. I’ll post about the main causes and effects of the war and how it was finalized, and of course how I did my share in ending it. :)

We had war declared on us by a pirate/mercinary corp called Silent Guard, this corp was apparantly hired by another corp in the same system we are in, to take us out. Now we have a few hints as to who the corp is, but we aren’t sure yet and we are looking into it.

Silent Guard is a very small elite corp. Few members, yet they have very high skill counts and very good ships. Over all, we had the advantage, however our pilots weren’t organized well enough to take them. They would hang around our home system and pick us off one by one, we had a few skirmishes but they got away or docked and logged quite often. Therefore we couldn’t get them.

We had a bit of outside help though, from a millitary corp and an old friend of the corp who is the one who pulled us together and gave us the edge we needed to end the war. We had major advantages. One was that we were fighting on our home turf, where we could use Bookmarks and quickwarps to plan our attacks.

I lost overall 2 combat cruisers and 1 very expensive mining barge. Later on, the helper of the corp gave me a 20 million ISK outfitted ECM ship, which he gave in payment for my help with various odds and ends he needed. Later the next morning, him, I and another corp member were on and had spotted one of the Silent Guard in our system. He of course was hanging outside our corp hq waiting for us to come out. Thing was, only the helper was docked. He engaged the Silent Guard member and we warped in after him. Friend in a megathron, me in my blackbird, and the corp member in a scorpion (megathron and scorpion = battleships :) my ship = cruiser). I dampened his sensors resulting in him being unable to target us, and we locked him down with all the ECM we could muster, soon after his ship was dust.

He offered to end the war given we didn’t let slip the loss of his ship, for either he wanted the war over or he didn’t want his corpmates to know he lost a ship. To whatever the cause, he petitioned his CEO to end the war and we got our wish the weekend prior. It’s over and no hard feelings .and we will still try to find the corp who declared war on us. But for now peace is here. :D Anyway, sorry I haven’t been able to post recently. Just had nothing going on except the war and I wanted to keep it on the down-low. You understand, right? :P


My weekend of Eve

[EVE Online] I can’t think of anything really breathtakingly interesting about what I did this weekend but on a side note, once I figure out how to configure screenshots with the paint tool (yeah I’m that out of it) I’ll post up some screenshots.

Well I helped out Ethic with some of the functions of EVE and I hope he continues to play as I find the game very interesting myself and I hope he does the same. As an update, I helped him out with mining and got him a new ship to use and I believe around the area of doubling his money tonight, and so far it’s all good.

I’ve lost 3 ships already to this darned war and I hope these idiots cut it out soon. I and everyone else don’t know what we did to them but I’m sure they are just corp killers. Well we have alot of people from other corps that delcared war on them in our honor, apparantly our CEO is a well liked guy.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy but some of the people he has helping us aren’t the least bit appreciative of the help some of the not-so-uber members have done. I myself was told I wasn’t going to be worth anything in a fight because my current combat ship is a cruiser. (I’m sorry I can’t afford a 120mill battleship guys) so mr. mercinary got the short end of the stick when I told him I’m no longer helping his efforts and he can consider himself – 1 pilot…of course one of the members of about the same experience of me in the corp decides to take mr. mercinary’s side and try to rationalize his harshness “he just doesnt want you to lose anymore ships”.

Well, you can imagine how many people took my side in corp-channel the operation wasnt even mr.mercinary’s business in the first place and my wingman wasnt too happy about him pissing me off, well more on that later.. I have to go mine :)