Feral Intendant Guide

This was originally written by me on Feb 20th, 2004. I hated to see it go away forever so I put it here mostly for my own gratification. This is in regards to the long-gone Asheron’s Call 2. I dedicate this weekend to AC2 flashbacks.


Turbine describes the Feral Intendant (FI) as a resilient creature of the jungle. He is a hunter, a killer, an explorer of the deepest undergrowths. He claims some of the jungle creatures as his friends, and they have learned to work with him to achieve devastating results in combat.

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Massive Traffic

One complaint about Warhammer has more comments than anything else I have written in months. This must be what it feels like to blog about WoW: people care about the popular games, while I can say anything I want about the lower tiers of games and get three comments.

To make this perfectly general (and have some fun Monday morning excitement), I hereby hate your game. Whatever you are playing, I hate it. Come, rage against me or agree and talk about how much your devs suck. They’re intentionally trying to ruin the game! Because context also sucks, please make up whatever you like about me and use it as an element of your comment.

No, I know what really drives our traffic: Asheron’s Call 2. This will shock some of you, but this post on Asheron’s Call 2 is the most popular thing on the site, rivaling the front page. When it hits 100 comments, I may bake it a cake or something. An AC2 reference in a Warhammer post got more comments than the content of the post itself. This is now the first post in two years in the Asheron’s Call 2 category, and I expect to reap the benefits. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

: Zubon

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The T-Shirt Curse

ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] I used to play AC2. In fact, I won a free account for life. Life of the game I suppose it was in all actuality. I was also in the Vanguard program. That was a special group of players that had access to the test server and could try new features and give feedback. In fact, there was even a mob put in the game with my name on it – thanks to a quest that a group of us designed and had implemented.

Well, they sent out t-shirts to the Vanguard members at one point and while doing a clean up at home I found it. I snapped some pictures for posterity. FrontBackBack up close.

This reminded me of the one other game that gave me a free t-shirt, during the beta of Earth & Beyond. Hmm, two free t-shirts and two dead MMOs. Note to devs: don’t send me a t-shirt if you want your MMO to survive. Now, lets see if I can dig up that E&B t-shirt so I can take some pics.

– Ethic

The End Begins (And Ends)

ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] Today is the last day for Asheron’s Call 2 and I have the day off from work. Therefore, I will try to play as much as I can today to see how they say goodbye. There has not really been a lot of news out of Turbine regarding any plans they may have, so to be honest my expectations are low.

Here is the first update of the morning. The red X means “offline”.

Checking with the official forums, I find this update from Calandryll:

Hey folks,

Just to let you know, the AC2 servers are not supposed to be down. We are working to bring them back up now.
-Jonathan “Calandryll” Hanna

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Asheron’s Call 2 Memories

ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] First off, the people. The community of AC2 players was amazing. I’ve seen nothing like it before or since.


The “end of beta” Tyrant assault on Molworth and Cragstone (they attacked all the cities, but these were the ones I was at). Running through the vaults (Arwic, Lost Wish, Esper, etc.) in the beginning as a group. Looking up at the rain hitting an invisible “floor” above me. Leveling just by running through portals and clicking on obelisks (crazy run buff too). Fueling the forges for crafters. Chat, or should I say no chat. Tou Tou Vault – argh the jumping. Cragstone Excavation (fighting the crowd for medallion pieces). Ghost Mines. Lady Aerfalle. Olthoi and Olthoi mounds. Lady Silva. Tyrants Loft and Lord Deimos. The White Rabbit. Becoming a Hero. Icefire, Boots, and Mage Academy. Gurogs and Buruns.

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ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] Well, it’s almost over now. AC2 is closing down on the 30th of December. What’s left to do?

For one, you can read Wired’s article, “Not With a Bang but a Whimper”, here (thanks to Inhibit for sending me the link). Or, if you still have an account like I do, you can get boosted to the max level which is 150 and go fight two Tyrants at one time in East Gevoth or perhaps go fight Ahria Queen of Night.

But mostly it is just another MMO to go down the tubes. Lots of things went wrong and some went right. Lessons will have hopefully been learned.

Current AC2 players have been invited to DDO’s beta, so all is not lost. Yes, they sent me one so I guess they want me to stop playing AC2 now? Anyway, I’m planning to be there when they pull the plug, to see if they have any inspiration left or if they will do just that – pull the plug.


– Ethic

AC2 Is Dead, Dozens Mourn

[Asheron’s Call 2] Sadly, another prediction has come true:

Dear AC2 subscribers,

In spite of our hard work and the launch of Legions, AC2 has reached the point where it no longer makes sense to continue the service. We will be officially closing the Asheron’s Call 2 service on 12/30/05. Until then, we plan to run live events, but we will not be adding any content or features.

We deeply appreciate the many dedicated fans of AC2 who have stood by us over the years. You have our sincerest gratitude.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Anderson
CEO, Turbine

I got nothing to say.

– Ethic

AC2 Announces Hero 2.0

[Asheron’s Call 2] Turbine has redesigned the Hero levels in AC2 and has announced the new system.

It features things such as: making all classes solo friendly, new and improved passive skills, monsters rebalanced and XP increased, new focus system, more class variety, hero credits, original hero active skills revised, more new hero skills, and even more skills called “perks”.

Read more about it here. Also note the completely new website.