Pirates of the Burning Sea Goes Free to Play

Or should that be “Free to Plunder”?

We’re preparing to change the business model of Pirates of the Burning Sea from subscription to free-to-play (hence forth to be known as F2P). This is the culmination of a decision that was made back at the end of last year, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce it. It’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly, and we’ve put in a lot of planning and work to make this a seamless transition. We’re very excited about this direction for a number of reasons.

First, it reduces the barrier of entry for new players to come in and try the game. Experience has shown us that players who try the game tend to stick with the game, so we want to remove any impediment for a player to try the game. Free trials are great, but the knowledge that there’s a required subscription makes potential players think in terms of commitment—”do I want to be paying every month for the long term” rather than “will I have fun with it tonight?” The first question is hard for any product, but we feel really good about the answer to the second.

– Ethic

More PotBS Thoughts

I started to title this post: ‘Where FLS Went Wrong With Pirates,’ but after receiving my very first negative email in response to a blog post, accusing me of bring overly critical, having an axe to grind, and ‘contradicting myself numerous times throughout…’ I have chosen a more neutral title*. Besides, I don’t necessarily think they went wrong, simply made a few poor choices, which will be hard to overcome and could translate into fewer subscriptions at launch and over the first few months…

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Pirates of the Burning Sea

I have been very silent on this blog for quite some time, partially due to real life obligations, and partly because the bulk of my gaming time has been spent under a strict NDA. That NDA was dropped officially by Pirates of the Burning Sea, as they prepare to enter their open beta phase of development this week.

I am not going to give a run down of the game-play or mechanics in my observations, as Tobold, Keen and others in the blogosphere have fairly in depth looks at the game. My thoughts on Pirates after these messages…

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