Do You Wish?

Beta 2.0 for Wish is now going on. Not only don’t I care, but it has a tough road ahead of it with everyone and their mother playing WoW.

So I watch with a yawn as Wish passes off of my radar screen for what may be the last time.

Another Alt

I’ve created another alt in WoW, this one a Hunter. I started with a Rogue that got to level 12 and then a Shaman that got to level 21 and now my Hunter is level 10. Something happens to me after a while that I just need a break from a character so I start something new. Always happens, no matter what game. Evnetually something clicks and I ignore the others, but so far, no click.

A Call To Arms

One of the pleasant suprises that came in my Collector’s Edition copy of World of Warcraft was the soundtrack CD. The music is so good that I have been listening to it in my car since the day I got it.

I finally tracked down the Lead Composer of the music (Jason Hayes), and it turns out he has been doing music for Blizzard for something like 7 years. He has gone out on his own now and started his own business. I wish him well. He has announced that he’ll be releasing a CD with all new original music, so I will be watching his site for the announcement. Until then, I’ll leave you with the lyrics of “A Call To Arms”.

Pralium Facio
Gradior Quo

In Excelsis

Desideratus Fatum!
Desideratus Bellum!

Don’t Nerf My Fun

I’m really enjoying my two characters in World of Warcraft. I have a Rogue and a Shaman. They are both very fun for me. The last time I had this much fun with a character was the original Feral Intendant in Asheron’s Call 2. Turbine screwed them up. I really hope that Blizzard leaves my two favorites alone. Sure I can see some small changes, but if they redesign the way the class works like Turbine did to the FI, I’ll puke.

Level Cap Reached – Heros?

The level cap in World of Warcraft is currently set at 60. I have no idea if they intend to raise it any more, but they did raise it several times during beta if that is any indication.

Anyway, a few people have reached level 60 now. What is that, 2 or 3 weeks? It remains to be seen if that is good or bad for the game as far as retention goes.

For me, it is good as I know I will be able to progress in the game at my own slow pace. But I have to wonder if the “end game” is fun enough to keep people around. Talking to the people I know that have been at 60 during beta all say that it is more than fun enough.

Blizzard has been beating around the bush about something called Hero Levels. I assume that will start at 60 and may provide some alternate advancement. Memories of AC2 burn into my brain. We’ll see.

WoW Accounts Banned for Speed Hacking

Blizzard does good:

We wanted to take this time to make an announcement about a serious hacking violation in World of Warcraft, one for which we have zero tolerance. Certain individuals have been identified as using speed hacks to accelerate their characters. This goes against the theme of fair play that we have instituted for the game, and is in clear violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.

Those individuals who were caught using the speed hack have been banned from the game and have had their accounts closed. We must stress once again that we are opposed to hacking and cheating of any kind and are dedicated to maintaining a fair environment in our games. This will serve as a final warning to others who are considering using the speed hack. If you are caught using it, you will be banned without question from World of Warcraft and your account will be revoked.