City of Heroes Is Not Dead Yet

I decided I needed some action. I rolled up a new guy in City of Heroes. I chose the tank class and made him an Axe user. Seems really odd to have a battle axe in this game, so I made my guy look like a dwarf. As silly as that sounds, I actually had fun again. Maybe I’ll give this game one more month. I’d like to at least try out flying.

I also applied for 2 new beta tests. Everquest 2 and The Matrix Online. Currently I am testing The Saga of Ryzom and another one that I am not allowed to mention. Yes, I honor NDAs. I really do not like Ryzom, but some people say it is fun. I just can’t get past the character models. I hate them all.


So I play MMORPGs. What are MMORPGs? Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Or something like that. Basically it is an online game that you play with 2000 other people and pay a monthly fee for new content/features every month. Kind of an evolving world if you will.

I’ve played them all, and so far they all suck. The only ray of sunshine I see on the horizon is a game called “World of Warcraft”. But still, I’m not holding my breath.

Currently I’m playing Asheron’s Call 2, the ugly stepsister of Asheron’s Call. Why do I still play this one? I have a little hope that they will pull it back from the brink.

Actually, I am playing another MMORPG but it doesn’t feel like an MMORPG. That one is called City of Heroes. Everyone is raving about it. It is fun, but talk about repetitive. Talk about repetitive. Oh sorry. All this game has is kill bad guys and kill bad guys and kill bad guys. Luckily, the game is well made and fun, but it does not have enough things to do for my interest. Account likely cancelled at the end of the month.