The Ultimate Sandbox MMO

What if I told you there’s a MMO that had the following features:

  • Open-world player housing with the best decoration system of any MMO ever made.
  • A crafting system more powerful and advanced than any MMO out there
  • Player run stores and casinos
  • Player run economy
  • The ability to stream music from internet radio stations directly into the game to play at your player-run dance clubs
  • Mature areas where kiddies are not allowed to hang out.
  • A game where over 40% of the player base is female. (as opposed to 19% in WOW)
  • No Level Grinding.
  • No Loot Camping
  • Free to download and play
  • No Monthly fee unless you purchase land
  • What would you say?
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    As you probably know, NASA recently put out an RFI (Request for Information) regarding the development of a MMOEG (educational game). The deadline for responses was today, at 11:59P Eastern, but it looks like they killed the page early this afternoon (not found) and now the link is password protected. If you didn’t get your submission in before they did this (or at least wrote the right information down) you are probably out of luck.

    Anyway, I’ve posted my own thoughts on what NASA might or might not end up with, but I am curious to see what the KTR community thinks. After looking around at random other blogs, reviews, and whatever, I get the feeling that the gamer community, as a whole, may have missed the point about what NASA is looking for and trying to build. Forgive me for not saving the link, but I actually saw some comments on a Second Life blog implying that NASA and Linden Labs (makers of SL) were planning on creating a research company in SL to research the viability of a MMO (??). Even more amusing (or perplexing, depending on your point of view) one commenter expressed some befuddlement at the idea that NASA would consider building a MMO independently and not just build a space station or something within Second Life. (“…”).

    What do you guys think?