CoH > WoW

I kicked my brother off my World of Warcraft beta account so I could play for a while. I put in about 15 minutes and I logged off. I can’t believe that I’m so burned out. I didn’t even play that much. I guess it all comes down to the fact that it is just another treadmill in a pretty new package. After you get past the visuals, you just have the same old game.

However, I do still plan on playing WoW when it goes gold. I think the fact I’m playing a beta is getting in the way. I feel like I’m wasting my time playing a character that will be wiped. I certainly want to see the higher end of the game, as I’ve been told it is quite amazing. I just won’t bother until they are done with the game. Fact is, when you play a class and it is powerful, it often gets nerfed. Then you feel like the class sucks. However, if you start the class after the nerf, you approach things differently since you did not know about the class before. I’ve been through this so much in Asheron’s Call 2. It really is a game killing move. I think I’ll give Blizzard more time to flush out the game, so to speak.

City of Heroes seems to keep getting better. I got burned out with the low level game by rolling up so many different characters (which really is fun) and doing the same 4 or 5 levels. This weekend I picked one character (fire/energy blaster) and locked in on him. After getting up a few more levels, some real interesting things started happening. Mob AI started to improve, maps got more interesting, I traveled to other cities, and I started to kick some serious ass.

Special thanks goes out to my good bud who has been helping me out in CoH. You know who you are.

So for now, CoH > WoW. That is all.

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