Thunder And Lightning And Rain, Oh My!

Been having some bad storms lately, and we often lose power when the lightning strikes. Therefore I’ve stayed off my computer recently. Not such a bad thing as I’m really not feeling compelled to play games anyway.

World of Warcraft is starting to have an exodus of sorts. Beta players (understand, they are playing for free) have been quitting the game. They seem to all be claiming that the fun has been harder and harder to find as the game develops. Not a good sign, but we all must remember that beta is a time for testing and improving and that may sometimes result in a patch or two that are not fun. But this seems to be a trend of sorts for Blizzard, as I’ve felt the same way. It’s just starting to feel more and more like work.

Personally, I think they are starting to second guess their decision to make this a solo friendly game with pretty fast levelling. Every patch seems to make it harder to solo and harder to level. Part of my problem with this game is that nobody I know is playing it that I can join with, and the people I have run into are rather anti-social. When I have been in groups, most of the time nobody is talking. Really strange. Anyone cool I run into is playing all the time and outlevel me by a wide margin, thus making hunting with them unlikely. Hell, some of them have maxed out 2 or 3 characters while I slowly work my way towards level 20.

Rumor is still about a late Q4 release in 2004, but Blizzard is claiming no official release date. They are pretty well-known for holding a game until they feel it is done, so we’ll see if they push early like everyone else or if they will blaze a new trail. All I know is, this has been one hell of a long beta test.

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