What A Difference A Day Makes

City of Heroes is done. My friend quit, because yet one more group of devs have made drastic unannounced changes to the game, that greatly affect how the game works. People get real tired of putting time into a character, figuring out the most effective (and/or fun) way to play it, only to have the devs break your methods. I’m not saying that is what happened here, but I do know that everyone has a breaking point where they decide they don’t want their money going to these people and they quit.

Since he was the only reason I was playing CoH, I’m done too. It’s the people that make the game fun for me.

So, I logged into World of Warcraft and played that last night. I have been getting burned out, but it appears a lot of it had to do with an evil, ugly place called Westfall. I decided to get the heck out of there and see something new. I managed to get a quest that had me delivering an urgent message to a city called Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with about 10 quests and an armorer that had a very nice set of armor for me, provided I had enough money. I purchased the armor which pretty much cleaned me out, but it was a big improvement. Almost doubled my armor rating. I also found a new flight path here, so that will make it easier to get around. If you don’t know, there are various creatures you can hire to fly you from one city to another, but you have to actually discover the end points before you can fly there. So you need to travel on foot the first time.

The first two quests are some of my favorite types of quests, needing to recover something from the bottom of the lake. Those are always an adventure, since I’ve pretty much never played an MMORPG that had underwater quests.

Another thing I really like about WoW is that the monsters do not show on the radar, and you get XP just for exploring and discovering new areas. Two simple things that most MMORPGs get wrong.

Anyway, I have a renewed interest in WoW and I’m looking forward to playing it once again. It’s amazing what a change of scenery in the game can do for your level of interest.

I hope I never see Westfall again.

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