Level Cap Reached – Heros?

The level cap in World of Warcraft is currently set at 60. I have no idea if they intend to raise it any more, but they did raise it several times during beta if that is any indication.

Anyway, a few people have reached level 60 now. What is that, 2 or 3 weeks? It remains to be seen if that is good or bad for the game as far as retention goes.

For me, it is good as I know I will be able to progress in the game at my own slow pace. But I have to wonder if the “end game” is fun enough to keep people around. Talking to the people I know that have been at 60 during beta all say that it is more than fun enough.

Blizzard has been beating around the bush about something called Hero Levels. I assume that will start at 60 and may provide some alternate advancement. Memories of AC2 burn into my brain. We’ll see.

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