WoW And It’s Impact On Other MMOGs

One of the devs over at Dark Age of Camelot has posted a letter on The Camelot Herald. Of interest to me was this part:

“…since the original launch of the game, we have looked at creating a new server type that is geared to players who have less time than others to commit to a MMORPG. This exciting new server will cater to both the casual player as well as address some of the concerns of players about bots and the time commitment necessary to complete ToA. We will be announcing full details about this server type in the coming weeks but I believe that this server will go a long way in making DAoC the leader of the pack in regards to the casual player. As part of this, we will also be looking at the impact of the death penalty and other aspects of the game on the casual player.”

The popularity of World of Warcraft is already making waves throughout the MMOG market. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We can only watch and see.

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