Thoughts From Last Night

As I was drifting to sleep, my thoughts turned to my WoW session from earlier. I found a few things interesting:

1. I don’t like to solo, I hate to solo. If I had my way I would always group up with someone I know. I solo because of my schedule and the fact that everyone I know that plays, outlevels me by a large margin. Unless the game has a productive way to group up, most of them would rather do high level stuff then slum with me (in general).

2. Playing my Shaman in a group was a completely different experience than playing solo. I had to try things in a whole new way. Skills and spells I rarely used, became important. Skills I normally used a lot, became unneeded.

3. WoW still has some really odd problems. When we were fighting a group of mobs, my brother told me that all the mobs and I disappeared from his screen. On my screen he appeared to be frozen in a combat pose and his pet was not moving either. Eventually he said he was fine, but it did not appear to be any different for me. Then the mobs starting fighting nobody, so I joined in as I could tell from the text it was him fighting them. We did this for a while and then his frozen character moved some, looted mobs that were not there any more and then froze again. Later he called out for help and I noticed from his icon he was low on health. Not seeing him, I selected his icon and healed him. This went on for another 5 minutes or so and eventually things returned to normal without either of us relogging. This sort of thing is unacceptable in my book, I hope it’s not something I have to deal with again.

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