To Gank

The other day (playing World of Warcraft) I was doing some quests around Tarren Mill when a Night Elf Rogue, level listed as ?? so they had to be quite a bit higher than me, wandered in and started killing some of the local level 50 Deathguards. They had no problem with them at all so I am guessing they were level 60. This is on a PvE server so I was not worried for my safety.

I watched this Rogue for a few minutes and eventually a small crowd gathered. Soon one of the higher level Horde players attacked the Night Elf. The beatdown commenced as the whole crowd joined in. I tossed out four Frost Shocks to keep them from running away and eventually they lost the battle with us. Was quite suprised I was able to land them at all.

I reflected back on my PvP experiences in WoW and I realized I am a sort of ganker. I only participate in PvP when I am rather sure I’ll win.

For example, I was hunting with my brother and we came across an Alliance player equal to our level. They appeared to be solo while hunting some creatures and we noted they had been PvP enabled. We decided it would be prudent to remove them from the area and we did so. I felt bad some as it did not feel honorable but my brother pointed out that they *were* flagged, so it is their fault not ours.

Most every other PvP situation I have been in is when the numbers are on my side. A level 60 might be killing NPCs in the Crossroads and eventually a crowd hunts them down. I usually will cast something like Earth Shock (interrupt casting) if they are a caster or Frost Shock to keep them from running away.

In fact, I don’t normally accept duals either. Certainly not when every single time I have been challenged to a dual I was in the middle of something else. Doesn’t anyone bother to ask any more? What’s wrong with a little /tell? I have been asked to sign guild charters with no conversation. I have been asked to join a group with no conversation. Hardly anyone bothers to ask if I would be interested in helping them do something. What’s up with that?

Sorry, went off on a tangent there.

To sum up, I feel like a ganker.

On another note, my Shaman reached level 27 last night. Now we are cooking with gas.

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One thought on “To Gank”

  1. I only participate in PvP when I am rather sure Ill win.

    Come to the PvP servers for some fun. The strength of the PvP ruleset that most players don’t perceive is exactly because there’s a kind of tension that will never exist when you can choose directly when being at risk or not.

    And all that just as the expense of a little timesink because of an unplanned corpse run.

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