Monday Ramblings

What’s new with me? I think everyone is back to full health around the house so that is a plus.

I’ve been able to get a little WoW playing in – got my Rogue to level 21 and now able to use poisons. Currently he is equipped with two gigantic swords (that just look stupid in my opinion) I found in Shadowfang Keep during my late night raids with Inhibit. Really, all I did was follow him around and observe but we had a good time chatting and goofing off. I went through levels 18 and 19 in that place. Honestly, I really like that instance. It just flows nicely and looks great all the way through. I really like when you get outside and look down off the wall and realize that you are really high up above the ground.

Played just a bit of EQ2 Trial of Isle. So far it seems all right, if not a little dark (lighting that is). Perhaps it was just night time. I started a Scout there, which seems to be like a Rogue. Getting stealth right off the bat was nice. The tracking feature was interesting. I selected what I wanted to track from a dropdown list (which I assume is a list of things only in the nearby area) and a magic path shows up that I can follow to whatever I am tracking. Not overly excited to play it any more but I’ll keep popping back in there now and then.

Asheron’s Call 2 has announced a ship date for the expansion pack (Legions) of May 5th. That is a little over a month later than expected. Turbine is really struggling to manage expectations these days. I tried to play some but when I log in I get hit immediately with the choppy movement. I don’t know what is the deal with that game, but it has been choppy for me since day one. It makes me rush back to WoW just for the fact I can run and not have to stop once and a while to wait for control back.

Played some of the MMORPG beta tests I am in as well. One of them (The Matrix Online) has an interesting combat system. I spent a large chunk of time in the fight tutorial just playing with it. I also tried Puzzle Pirates recently, not my cup of tea for sure. What else? Oh, I have not reactivated City of Heroes as I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. That is all for now.

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