More WoW Woes

Last night I logged into City of Heroes but my friend was not playing. So, I decided to check in World of Warcraft for a bit. It gets stuck on the authentication screen. So I give it 15 minutes and try again – same problem. I go back to CoH and play solo for a while. An hour later I try WoW. This time I get past the authentication screen, however it gets stuck at the loading characters screen. Back to CoH. An hour later, I try WoW one last time. Finally, I got in. Three minutes later the screen locks up and I get disconnected from the server.

I log back in only to see that the world is down. Five minutes later I get in and the general chat was filled with people saying “another disconnect? wtf?”. Five minutes later another disconnect and I’m done for the night.

Blizzard rep comments on the forum: “Players on certain realms may get disconnected from their realm briefly in a continent dump.” Oh I see, thanks. Er, what?

I should mention that I had no crashing issues with CoH this time.

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2 thoughts on “More WoW Woes”

  1. Are you on a highly populated server? I’m on Eonar and very rarely have any problems. I’ve only been disconnected once since early December…

  2. That is what I always used to say to others with problems. Now I guess it is my turn to have issues. The server I am on is medium to high I’d say. Almost never had a queue, disconnect or other server problem, but the last few weeks have been pretty bad.

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