Super Day 8

[City of Heroes] Managed to get my brother to take a break from his movie watching to log in for the evening. We ran a few missions in The Hollows and made it to level 10. Really feeling like a tank now, and the best is yet to come. We are really starting to gel as a group and it is working really well. It is interesting that the game play changes as we level. We have come across some bad guys that are using powers against us, like putting us to sleep. That is certainly changing things around.

Inhibit is really turning into a great healer and my brother is cranking out the damage. I love that as a fire tank I can see the bad guys dropping to the floor before any of us get a chance to take a swing at them. It really makes me feel like I am contributing. I also am really thrilled to jump into the middle of a pack of bad guys and start swinging. Feels a lot like I would think a superhero would feel.

I found a little bug of some sort, probably not a big deal. I have combat jumping, and I found out that I can slide right up any building that has a sloped side. I managed to get on top of several very high buildings just by sliding up them. I have decided to call it building surfing, or “burfing” for short. Or maybe “builfing”. Hmmm.

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