Super Day 9

[City of Heroes] All three of us managed to log in again last night for 90 minutes or so. We ran through the FrostFire (or is it FireFrost?) mission twice, once for me and once for Inhibit. My brother had already done it. Was suprised that killing FF one time did not complete both quests, but we did notice that the location for FF was different for each of us so that must have been why.

That mission was fun, because there were patches of ice all through the building. Trying to fight someone while sliding by them over and over again makes for some good laughs.

We also ran a few outdoor missions in Perez Park (my first time there). We had to “arrest” 10 Circle of Thorns for one of them. This was my first time fighting these creepy guys. Was quite interesting. I sure never tire of jumping smack into the middle of a group of bad guys. Tanking is fun.

Speaking of tanking, I’m starting to feel like I am best used for holding aggro by standing in the middle of them and letting them roast in my flames. My additional attacks only seem to use up my energy faster. I wonder how this will change as we go up in levels.

I spent some more time “burfing” again. Managed to get on top of one very high building, jumped to a 2nd and finally a third. the third building had a badge on the roof that you can normally get only by flying up to it. Was a nice challenge for me.

We only had one “death” and that was my brother. At the end of the evening he was level 10. Inhibit and I both hit level 11 right at the very end.

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