Patching Blues … Or Not?

[World of Warcraft] It’s patching time which has been a rough situation for Blizzard and I in the past. It has been possibly the biggest gripe I have with them. Thankfully, they don’t patch very often so I don’t deal with it much. (Boy isn’t that sad.)

I logged in and found myself stuck on “Authentication”. Same thing three more times. Fourth try is a charm and I connect to start the patching process.

60.52 MB patch
Start time – 8:18 PM
Finish time – 8:30 PM
Download rate: ~80 KB/s
Upload rate: ~40 KB/s

Hey, not too shabby!

Update: I patched my second machine on March 24 during the day and was downloading the patch at ~500 KB/s. Nice!

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5 thoughts on “Patching Blues … Or Not?”

  1. Bah…. my numbers were:
    Download rate: ~2KB/s
    Upload Rate: ~40KB/s

    Total time, 3 hr, 15 min.

    I so friggen hate that BS patcher they use.

  2. Perhaps it is not the patcher, but the patchee? Or at least, the connection/firewall/ISP? Do you have port forwarding set in your router? I forwarded the ports that Blizzard mentions somewhere on their site and it helped my speeds a lot. If you can’t find the info, I’ll look it up in my router.

  3. damn how’d you get that fast a download rate? i to was geting about 2 to 16kbs last night, took like 5 hours because i’d download sum then it’d drop to zero and then back up again.

  4. Ports forwarded and a great cable connection…still took about 30 mins to an hour to download. =/

  5. Repeat of my update above: I patched my 2nd machine on March 24 during the day and was downloading the patch at ~500 KB/s. That was amazing.

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