SSDD & Ravenholdt

[World of Warcraft] Authenticating.

Just when I was starting to feel good about things. I have not reactivated yet and they are running out of time.

Update: I got in after waiting for a while. I pickpocketed 14 more Syndicate Emblems than I needed to get a Friendly reputation with the Ravenholdt crew. Skilled up a little on my lock picking too, nice to have those new locked chests. The Ravenholdt Manor quest appears to end when you get the reputation change. There was no other step given to me, nobody said to talk to anyone. So it seems like the quest is done at this point. I know people say it was not finished, it appears they took the next step out altogether at this point. I would have no way of knowing there is more to it.

And I’ll finish with two interesting links, here and here.

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