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[World of Warcraft] I spent some time playing my level 27 Shaman this morning. Took a while to get back into the swing of things. The gameplay is so much different for a Shaman than it is for a Rogue. I had forgotten how much variety there was in the class. I think I may start alternating my game time between my Rogue and my Shaman. Perhaps I’ll play one until it levels and then play the other. Be a good way to stay in full rest bonus. It may take me forever to get to 60, but I guess I don’t see the point in doing so anyway.

At 28, he gets the ability to walk on water. I’m not sure what benefit this has yet, but I look forward to trying it out.

Side note: I think I have strep throat. Going to have to see the doctor in the morning.

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  1. Best use I have seen for water walking so far: When you fall through the zeppelin right before it goes to the map screen and have to swim back to shore and catch the next one. I fell through once as did a shaman who then cast water walking on both of us. We made it back to shore in time to catch the next zeppelin.

    Also, fought the named alligator in Maraudon this weekend and the shaman in our group cast water walking on us. Much easier to maneuver than trying to swim.

  2. Strep sucks. Period. I seriously hope it’s not that, and hope you’re on the mend soon.

    I’ve been playing my warlock again. Why did I ever quit playing this toon?!? This guy rocks. I went from 13 to 18 in the space of a day. Still, I need to bite the bullet, and push on to 60 with my rogue. I want to have at least one 60, and he’s the closest (53.75).

    Considering the ghey way the servers have been holding up, I might see 60 by say… July… over 1 million subs, at $15 a month… and they cant keep a damn server stable. WTF is up with that. I know mom-n-pop ISPs that do better.


  3. Not strep. Still feel awful though.

    I really enjoy my Warlock as well, but what I really miss is my Druid from beta. I cannot handle making another Tauren so I’m going to have to go Alliance and satisfy my Druid itch.

    Really, I enjoy pretty much every class in this game.

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