The Alliance Is For Girls!

[World of Warcraft] And thus I begin a new character, a female Night Elf Druid. Couple of things to learn about for me; how do other players treat a “female” character, and how can I tolerate playing a goody-goody Alliance character? Not to mention, a Night Elf.

Right now, she has reached level 5. Blazing forth into the purple-hazed woodlands of fancy and sweetness.

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3 thoughts on “The Alliance Is For Girls!”

  1. HAHA, How do they treat females? You picked the “sexiest” race in the game. Every immature retard is gonna be askin you for pole dances and commenting on how your boobs bounce when she does her tip-toe idle emote.

    You should have made a Tauren Druid. Noone hits on the female cows except the other bulls.

  2. About 30 seconds after I made a female NE rogue, I started getting /flirts. :) I have yet to find a way to turn this advantage into a money making scheme though.

  3. I did not want to make a Tauren so Night Elf is my only choice for Druid. In my first five levels I did not get anyone “flirting” with me but one guy did just stand by me for a long time. It will be interesting to me to see how it will go down the road.

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