Onyxia Goes Down

[World of Warcraft] I spent the night listening to my guild defeat Onyxia. Got a nice buff afterwards and viewed her head on a pole in Orgrimmar. The lag as everyone gathered in Org was dreadful.

Then I begged for a Strong Troll’s Blood Potion from a guildmate and finished my final quest from the night before. Turning that one in found my Rogue at a new level, 28. Grats! Thanks!

After that, the quest line continued and I was asked to go grab a keg of beer from some nearby smelly dwarves. I knew where it was and ran over there. Upon arrival, I spotted a group of 5 people getting ready to go in the same place I was going. I tagged along, eventually finding my keg and then sneaking back out. Nice easy way to finish a red elite quest.

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