Another win for the home team

[City of Heroes] My original City of Heroes character, Zubon, hit level 50 (max) tonight. This marks my third level 50 (two Defenders, one Blaster). Part of me wonders what I could have done in the real world with that much time. Other parts of me enjoyed large parts of the journey.

The last bubble of experience came pretty quickly and smoothly. I was actually on a team running missions, rather than farming. When I originally hit level 50, in Issue 2, there were two common paths. One was to farm wolves – there were a couple of missions that spawned large numbers of easy to herd and clear enemies. After the developers gave the wolves stun attacks and put them on a timer, people moved to using Freakshow for the same purpose, and it seems to work even better. The other path was to farm Kora fruit – there was an endless stream of missions that required no combat if you could Phase Shift. After the developers added required combat to those, people could move to using Dr. Boyd missions, which are almost the same but give more experience, and 1/4 of them actually require combat. By my findings, those were going faster for me than Kora fruit did, so I am surprised that people are not farming that more. Or maybe they are, I just have not heard about it.

It is refreshing to see that normal play actually provides nice rewards. It can be hard to find a group for normal play at times, at least in a large, competent group. I think many people have been trained to believe that farming Freakshow is the fastest way to level, so they keep trying to do that, even if they don’t have a good herding team, even if they are not very good at it. I have had times when my soloing healer got experience faster on his own than in the powerleveling herds for which I was asked to assist.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled grind.


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  1. I find that hunting AVs provides quite a lot of experience and it is also lots of fun.

    I have 16 bars to go before my first 50 hehehehe

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