So release the update already…

[Final Fantasy XI] So more update information, this time it deals with tweaks to experience in level capped areas and the experience you get from lower conning mobs. I am not even going to go into this stuff until the update is released…

Changes to Experience Acquisition

The next version update will bring the following changes:

-Chain Bonuses in Level-Restricted Areas
Currently, when fighting in level-restricted Chains of Promathia areas, EXP chain bonuses are determined by a player’s actual level. However, after the version update, bonuses will be determined by the player’s level within the area. This means adventurers will soon be able to earn extra EXP by defeating multiple enemies that are “even match” or higher, just as if the player was fighting in a regular area.

-Slight Adjustments in Experience Acquisition
The player will soon be able to earn experience from monsters of a slightly wider level range than previously possible. As a result, experience points earned by defeating “decent challenge” and “easy prey” monsters will slightly increase.

Check the FINAL FANTASY XI main page for more information as it is released!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (7/7/2005)

Rogued from the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team webpage.