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Introducing the Fellowship Quest

The Fellowship Quest will be added in the next version update. After completing the quest, you will receive an item that will allow you to call an NPC to come to your aid!

Adventure together, defeat fearsome monsters together, and gain experience together! That’s right–your NPC friend can also gain experience and level up alongside you! After you’ve fought a few battles together, your ally might show up wearing new gear the next time you call for it! This new feature will open up the excitement of Vana’diel like never before!

The next version update coming in mid-July is full of new adventures and features designed to maximize your enjoyment in Vana’diel. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (7/11/2005)

Wow, I dont know what to make of all these changes…

Are they trying to make the game like Guild Wars? Hired NPC’s? I find this troubling as it could radically unbalance the party system…

Plundered from the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team webpage.


3 thoughts on “What?”

  1. You know what? I like it (so far).

    I enjoyed FFXI, but I had issues with soloing when I wanted to. This may just be enough to allow a little soloing when you wish to. I doubt the NPC will be good enough to replace a “real” person, so I don’t see it really having a lit of impact on the overall game. I guess it all depends on the planned implementation.

  2. My thoughts on it are this:

    This would be a great idea if they still let you LFG while duo-soloing with your “friend.” If they dont, then it might still cause problems because instead of searching people will get bored and go solo, and if they can’t LFG while doing this then you would still be limiting the number of people that are searching killing the party system.

    If they allow you to call your friend and still LFG then this is a superb idea. Maybe one of the best idea’s that SE has had. If you can’t LFG while you have your friend, then its not such a great idea.

  3. I would be shocked if the BeastMasters don’t go nuts on this one. Sounds like everyone can be a pet class now. And I wonder, does this mean BeastMasters can have their pet, and NPC at the same time?

    Looks like the solo-ability of BST and Dragoons just went up tremendously.

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