And now, it’s DOFUS time

[DOFUS] “A lot of persons have subscribed to the DOFUS open beta and the team thanks all of them. From now, you are able to discover the astonishing universe of DOFUS and, by this way, get ready for the final version of September. We still need more gamers, do not hesitate to advise your friends and family to register.”

In other words, open beta for an MMORPG called DOFUS has begun.

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “And now, it’s DOFUS time”

  1. I had to grit my teeth for the first month I played FFXI, but I managed. DOFUS’s anime-style art direction makes my eyes bleed.

  2. The rules seem a bit… odd. They all but say you must make everyone else happy. And no PK in this game? I had to reread them. Something about them just seemed…off.

    Then it it me…

    It’s a French MMO….

    I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  3. Hey, here’s my impression of a Frenchman.

    “I surrender!”

    Imagine that, but with more BO than you normally smell in an EB and the pompous prick attitude that you can get only when you’re in France.

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  5. Have been playing Dofus since Friday.

    It’s actually fairly fun, but it is probably one of the most grindiest games I have ever seen. The quests I have run across that are not directly tied to your class usually involve bringing back 50 of one item, 40 of another and 50 more of one more. You get one scroll from that quest and the items are rare drops.

    The quests sometimes are very vague, like kill this type of creature and you will get an item. But the type of creature may be really common, yet the item will only drop in a certain location (which the quest giver does not tell you).

    The tradeskills look sort of cool, but you need to figure out how to use the interface and you have to max out your first one before you can choose your second. It is definitely a good idea to pick a gathering skill first, since I chose Sword Smithing and now have to buy all my materials from other players.

    Any player can be a vendor, which is pretty cool.

    There is player killing in the game and you can also duel (click a player and select challenge). A few times I have seen other players attack one another in a battle because players were blocking line of sight ot their summonables were.

    The classes are neat. The one I play, the Sacrier, relies on buffs that only activate if he takes damage between the time he casts it and the beginning of his next turn. There is also a Time affecting class (removes Action Points and can reflect damage), a rogue type class with Traps, an Archer class, a healer and a buffer.

    The most engaging part of the game is the battles with multiple players involved. It is similar to what I have seen of Final Fantasy: Tactics with turn-based combat and line of sight being a factor. Position is almost as important as what skills you use.

    In conclusion, it’s grindy and a little confusing, but can be fun and is definitely interesting. It’s a cute game to play when WoW’s instances keep crashing and servers keep disconnecting me.

    Final note: It is cross-platform capable, with an .exe for PC and an .html Flash based version for Mac,Unix, and Linux.

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