Priest Takes A Trip

[World of Warcraft] I had some downtime from testing last night so I created a Dwarf Priest on the Scarlet Crusade RP server. He was a brand new level 1.

His first quest was self-imposed which was to get out of the snow. He hates the cold believe it or not. He ran when he could and walked when he was tired but eventually made it to Iron Forge. He took the tram to Stormwind and from there he marched to Northshire. He liked the weather better here so he set about making money, honing his skills and getting some priestly training.

After much work, some fighting, a little bit of bartering and several attempts at making friends he found himself tired out. With his hard-earned wealth in his pocket, he travelled to Goldshire and rented a room at the Inn.

Before retiring for the evening, he spent some time chatting with several of the locals. A few had been drinking, but for the most part the time spent here was pleasant. On one occasion, there was even a Troll running about trying to hurt people. A small group gathered to teach him a lesson.

He went to sleep soon after and felt very good about his day’s adventure.

– Ethic

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