Tricks, Treats And Bugs

wow[World of Warcraft] Just wanted to share some of my recent holiday happenings.

I was turned into a cat. I was turned into a snake (kind of dark, sorry). I noticed the Trolls are having mask problems. You can see from the side shot that all is not right there.

That is all.


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7 thoughts on “Tricks, Treats And Bugs”

  1. Haha… I just posted about the troll problem in my blog :P

    No surprising… us trolls are the must underdeveloped race in game. Worst racial abilities… no home… and now masks that don’t fit.

  2. Meh, while your problem may be much more obvious, many things in WoW enjoy clipping problems. Hell, it’s the reason why half the 60’s you see running around don’t have their helms cut on in the options simply because their ears or hair or whatever are sticking out of their helmet (I know my Gnome has problems with hoods and her earring sticking out). It’s funny how WoW includes an option to simply disable this crap rather than just fixing it.

    Although…you’re right, your problem appears to be more along the lines of a bug because there are masks that fit on trolls just fine (i.e. THE TROLL MASKS!).

    Though, honestly, your “bug” actually makes you look even scarrier. XD

  3. Although quite true that Blizzard has a lot to fix, I’m certainly glad at least we have the option not to display headgear. I, for one, find some of the rogue leather helms to be the most distasteful in any game I’ve played. Someone commented to me that those helms that look like 1930’s football player leather helmets look like the WoW player is wearing a head condom.

    Personally, I’d rather see mechanics fixed before visuals (unless, of course, the visual problem causes a mechanical problem). Perhaps the priorities involved in developing bug fixes could be the topic of a new post.

  4. lufia22: I may be wrong, but I think the picture I linked above is a troll wearing a troll mask. (It was not me, just someone standing near me while we waited 5 minutes for the airship. BTW, I hate it when the airship leaves 5 seconds before you can jump onto it.)

    Psyae: Personally, I think bug fixing is Blizzard’s biggest downfall.

  5. I have yet to be turned into a snake or cat, nor have I seen anyone else do it on my server. We get a lot of bats, leper gnomes, ninjas, pirates, and skeletons.

  6. DC: I think several effects you mention are only from a wand you can get from the Innkeepers while Trick or Treating. I have a few wands and they only work if you are in a group and only cast on others. I think they are more long term effects as well. The snake/cat/? effects the Innkeepers cast on you directly only last 30 seconds or so, which is why you probably don’t see it very often.

    lufia22: I think those voodoo masks are unrelated to the Hallow’s End masks.

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