Accuracy has been nerfed!

coh[City of Heroes] Time to poke fun at the developers. Geko has had this signature on the forums for the past year or so:

This is Rumor Control – Accuracy has not been nerfed! It is still 75% to hit target unless the power says otherwise, there are buff/debuffs used, or the target is not your level.

Today, new board friend Castle posted this:

Accuracy: Base accuracy for Hero v. Hero in Warburg seems to be floating around 50%. Due to the nature of the equation, this is a serious defense against anyone who does not have +to-hit buffs, and a minimal defense against those who do have such buffs. This does not trouble me, as the resist based sets offer little-to-no mitigation in many cases now, so balance is not implicated. But is that 50% number an ‘intended condition’, that we can expect to see propigating throughout PvP? Or is it a bug?

We’ve reduced base To Hit from 75% to 50% for PvP purposes. This change was made to give Defense sets more effectiveness. With the ED changes, coupled with the prevalence of +To Hit buffs it was necessary.

Woo, stealth nerf on Accuracy! *poke poke* *Tee hee hee*

: Zubon

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