A Magazine, How Quaint

I received a subscription to a gaming magazine free with a discount club. In the midst of an ongoing internet explosion, we are still seeing weekly and monthly magazines expanding. Maybe they are all being given away, because most of their content is given away online before they see print.

In this issue, we learn that the Nintendo Revolution will have a funny looking controller, there is a good buzz about FEAR, several extremely popular series have sequels coming out before Christmas, and hey some photos of an upcoming movie that has a video game tie-in. I imagine that some console gamers are not online very much, but what what are the odds on you or I hearing something for the first time in a monthly magazine?

Apparently, games are rated on a scale of 5-10. I say this because one of the harshest reviews I have ever seen got a 5. The reviewer expected the game’s protagonist to leap from the screen and kill babies IRL. I guess a 2 would require that actually happening. Is it a sign of cynicism if I see a 10 rating and wonder, “How many ads did they buy?

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “A Magazine, How Quaint”

  1. ROFL… good summation of the articles. Look at Blizzard’s blunder with all the info they released to magazines… on the net in a matter of days and Blizzard scrambled to ban people.

    I personally was banned for posting THE MAGAZINE ARTICLE PICTURES! Seriously… they released this crap to the magazine and then throw a fit when people take digital pics and post them on the internet. Did they miss the part where people were interested in this stuff?

    I still have magazine subscriptions… got me why… I just like reading them. I usually will grab 1 or 2 in the airport also… flashy pictures… impulse buy.

    Oh well… print media is still dominate in America for some reason. Its not obvious to a lot of internet users… well because we get sooooo much content for free everyday. We tailor it right to exactly what we want.

    Magazines are a thing of the past soon enough :P Look at 1up.com and it is immensly more popular than the magazine attached to it.

  2. why are print magazines so popular?? the only reason i see and my own personal reason for my mag subscriptions….

    people have to poop.

    and i’d much rather flag a magazine then a laptop, wouldn’t you?

  3. A vast majority of gaming press, magazines included, are willing to sacrifice integrity for potential ad campaign dollars. Rating a game below 5 would invoke the contempt of a developer/publisher for quite some time, so they pussyfoot around the true ratings and publish a farce. That, or someone runs around the offices of such media entities sprinkling fairy dust to make them all think happy thoughts.

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