Acceptable Waiting Times

cov[City of Villains] I understand that many of you used to play Everquest or some other game where it was accepted for team-formation to take as long as a half-hour. Apparently, there are still games where grouping is nigh-mandatory and forming a playable team takes that long.

Stop playing those games.

Do not play a game where you cannot solo, or where teams require certain classes in order to play. If you cannot play without a dedicated healer or tank, do not play. Yes, there can be some things that require particular classes, but if normal play requires any significant organizational dynamics, just find a new game. There is a place for niche games requiring that, but you would probably be happier elsewhere.

Now that we have eliminated game-related reasons why you might need to wait, the recommendation still applies. If you are waiting fifteen minutes to start a normal mission, just find a new game. You are an idiot. If you need the fifteen minutes, you are an incompetent player. If you do not need the time but take it anyway, you are an inconsiderate jerk.

Seriously, City of Villains is not Master of Orion III. If I teleport you to the mission entrance and you are still standing there ten minutes later, something is wrong inside your house. Unless a child just set something on fire, the problem is probably inside your skull.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Acceptable Waiting Times”

  1. I would advise you to avoid FFXI then….hehe.

    But yeah, CoH or CoV.. the way the game is (or at least was when I played it) unless you are on your last bit of health and have no energey left… you pretty much are ready for action at a moment’s notice.

    Games like WoW can take some time to form up a group. A large part of that is due to travel times, but those can be mitigated often. But even with that in mind, I lose patience and move on to something else if a group is trying to form, and more than 15 minutes of “LFM, Tank or Healer needed”.

    And yeah, I dont like games I have no choice but to group. Guess that’s why I have continueds to play WoW for as long as I have. Group or no group, I’m getting my game on there.

  2. I couldn’t stand having to play with other players all the time. Nobody plays at my pace, they’re either way too slow or I’m left behind.

    Solo is much more fun, I don’t have to be responsible to let someone else know when I gotta go take a dump or something ;)


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