The Power of 2

EVE[EVE Online] I pretty much decided to turn my current EVE character into a full-time production and refining guru, so I started thinking about starting another character with a combat focus. Problem is, if I start the 2nd character on the same account, I cannot train them both at the same time. But to purchase a second account? Me? Never.

Enter the EVE Dev Blog. They are bringing back “The Power of 2” promotion at the perfect time for this decision. Basically, I can buy a second account for $49.95. Seems like a lot of money, right? Actually, the account comes with 6 months of game time which amounts to $8.33 per month. I guess we have a deal on my hands, and I’ll have two accounts by the end of the week. Perfect time to try out the new bloodlines.

I imagine that this will increase the number of active accounts by a few thousand. Or even more, who knows?

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “The Power of 2”

  1. What happens after six months? Does your investment in a 2nd character mean you have to pay for two accounts forever, or can you move the second character over to the first account (and swap training schedules) and drop the second account?

  2. They have it set so the account *does not* automatically renew in 6 months. Yor options are:

    1. Keep paying for the 2nd account.
    2. Move the character (for a fee) to your original account.
    3. Forget all about the second account/character.

    Problem is still training. You can only have one character training at a time on one account. I’m just going to see how I feel in 6 months. I may be ok with only training one at a time by then, or perhaps I won’t even want to play EVE at all. Or maybe I’ll just keep two accounts. Who knows. I don’t know if my production/refining character will really need any more training or not by then.

  3. You can get a an AF inty pilot up in 6 months with the proper attribute selection. Hell you can start out with frig 4 :D From there its just frig 5, mechanic 5, electronics 5 and ummm that handling one for inties evasive manuvering 5. Then hit up gunnery and miskles and some sheild skills. 6 months is definatly doable.
    Add some indy skils early on and you have an AFK mining machine.

    Ahhh EvE the only game that almost requires two accounts to enjoy. TBH I would be surprised if the unique user numbers were less than 40% of all accounts. Heck I have three (though might be down grading after I get into HACs, mabey….possibly…..sigh)

  4. How in the world am I gonna convenice my wife into letting me have 2 accounts… *begins planning* Muhahahaha.


  5. Any Idea what the fee’s are for EvE?…I just got the 14 day free trial and I haven’t even looked in to it? Info is much appreicated.

  6. $14.95 per month – standard for MMOs these days. Might be cheaper if you pay in bulk months, not sure.

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